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Explore our solutions, services, and trainings geared toward solving the most pressing problems in the modern workplace.

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Business Consulting

At Frontline Training Solutions, our business consultants partner with you to help you find solutions to a variety of problems. From streamlining operations to improving the hiring process to soliciting actionable employee feedback, our business consulting services ensure that companies have what they need to succeed.

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Apprenticeship Management

Businesses of all types can benefit from apprenticeship programs to train and develop their future workforce. Frontline Training Solutions can help you create and manage a Department of Labor (DOL) approved apprenticeship program, customized to your specific needs.


Coaching is an essential tool for development in the workplace today. Our coaching services range from targeted professional development to executive development to team development and more.

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Assessments & Surveys

It’s hard to improve without first getting perspective on your current level of performance. Frontline Training Solutions helps companies administer employee surveys that yield useful, actionable results. We also use assessments to help organizations better understand the personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and values of their employees.

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Leadership Development

Whether you’re already in leadership at your company or are interested in developing your leadership skills for your own professional growth, Frontline Training Solutions offers multiple leadership development training programs for individuals, teams, and groups. Our trainings cover a variety of leadership skills and principles, from basic fundamentals to navigating workplace conflict. 

Professional Development

The fundamentals of professional work should never be taken for granted. Our professional development trainings cover a variety of skills necessary for the modern workplace, from time management to customer service to project management to emotional intelligence.

Human Resources

Frontline Training Solutions offers training for HR professionals of all levels from entry level to senior leadership. Our HR training takes a practical results focused approach that hones in on making a real business impact.


Operations training is critical for a variety of industries. We offer trainings on operational excellence and leadership alignment, how to be a supervisor, project management, and time management.

Why Frontline Training Solutions?

Get Expert Training for Your Industry

Many training companies promise leadership and organizational expertise from business coaches and HR experts, but how many know the ins and outs of your particular industry? At Frontline Training Solution, our team of experts consists of people with backgrounds in a variety of industries. Their specific knowledge enables them to help companies more effectively combat the unique challenges of their industry.

Improve Employee Retention

Say goodbye to high turnover and hello to happier, healthier employees. Our team at Frontline Training Solutions consists of experts in employee engagement and retention. Get the right people for the job the first time around.

Grow Your Team Leaders

Every company has leaders, regardless of what their position, title, or salary is. Frontline Training Solutions can help you identify the emerging leaders on your team and develop them into intentional contributors to your company’s growth.

Transform Your Workplace

Emotional intelligence, the ability to have courageous conversations, healthy ways of navigating workplace conflict—all of these skills are necessary for businesses to succeed. Learn how to create a safe space for your team to work through challenges together instead of pitting individuals against each other. A team built on trust, safety, and respect can overcome any obstacle.

Get to Know Your Employees

Personality and talent assessments can help you get to know your employees and see what strengths and weaknesses they bring to the table as emerging leaders. From DiSC® to StrengthsFinder, Frontline Training Solutions offers a variety of assessments to help teams better understand, communicate, and collaborate with each other.

Rise to the Challenges of Modern Work

The challenges of the modern workplace are real. From effective communication to becoming an employer of choice, we can help your team rise to the challenge.

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