It takes more than just training to take your business to the next level. We are able to support organizations with a full line of solutions from consulting to leading coaching, and more. Browse all solutions here.

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360° Feedback Assessments

Understanding the perspective of others is a big part of understanding your effectiveness. 360° Feedback Assessments are a great way to highlight strengths and development areas.


EQ Assessments

Fundamentally, EQ Assessments help identify strengths and development areas related to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.


Team Assessments

Team-based Assessment can be an excellent way to help team achieve their full potential.


Personality Assessments

Personality Assessments are tools that help identify an individual’s preferences and personality characteristics. In turn, this insight helps individuals capitalize on their natural strengths and seek assistance for those areas that are outside of their comfort zone.


Selection Assessments

Assessments have become a central part of business today. Organizations use them to help make hiring and promotion decisions, accelerate personal development, and build individual and team effectiveness. Our team of certified assessment coaches stand ready to bring the power of these tools to you and your teams.


Executive Coaching

Becoming an executive is a big accomplishment. And that accomplishment comes with big influence and even bigger potential pitfalls. Executive coaching is an essential tool to help navigate the highs and lows of leading an organization.


Professional Coaching

Professional coaching helps ensure the coachee has a clear understanding of who they are, and the challenges they are facing. This clarity is necessary in order to set aside distraction and focus on solutions to make the best decisions possible.


Team Solutions

A key indicator of successful organizations is directly connected to how healthy the team is and how well they work together. Bring the team together with our seasoned facilitator and engage in an experience specifically aimed at making your team perform at a higher level.


Operations/Lean Consulting

Sometimes as you pursue operational excellence, an outside perspective is helpful. The Frontline Training Solutions team can be that extra help for your team. Our team of team of seasoned professionals can provide onsite solutions for a host of manufacturing, operations, and workforce situations.


Human Resources Consulting

Our HR consulting services include a variety of solutions designed to support your team, improve hiring and onboarding, and increase employee engagement.