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Strategic Human Resources Leadership

Advanced human resources training for senior HR leaders to understand the unique characteristics of strategic leaders and how they apply to the Human Resources function.

What Is Strategic HR Leadership?

In today’s employment market, the need for strategic HR leadership is more important than ever. The top challenges reported by employers across the country continue to be attracting and retaining employees. This positions human resources to be a key player in solving crucial business challenges, but also requires the ability to balance tactical execution with big-picture thinking.  As HR professionals grow in their career, what is required of them changes as well. Having a “seat at the table” means thinking and acting at a higher level.

This 20-hour program will equip HR Professionals to be a strategic HR leader within their organization. Participants will understand the unique characteristics of strategic leaders and how they apply to the Human Resources function. Special attention will be given to the development of HR strategy within the context of an organization’s strategic priorities.  Participants will explore models and tools that support higher-level strategic HR initiatives such as succession planning, culture management, predictive analytics, and organizational design. Participants will leave this training equipped to lead and develop their team to ensure HR demonstrates the strategic capabilities necessary to help drive organizational success.

Strategic Human Resources Leadership is available in person at our training facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in a virtual training format, or onsite at your company anywhere in the country.


Who is it for?

The Strategic HR Leadership training program is designed for senior HR leaders or executive team members who oversee or are involved with the human resources function. Typical participants include: senior HR professionals, HR managers, HR directors, and senior leaders involved in human resources.

What You Will Learn

In-Person Cost: $1495

Virtual Cost: $1495

This program consists of 4-hour sessions that take place virtually or in person over 5 weeks. In these sessions you will cover:

  • The Strategic (HR) Leader: The goal of this session is to understand and apply key characteristics of strategic thinking and planning within an organization. Participants will be able to articulate the characteristics of strategic thinking and strategic leaders, leverage natural strengths while addressing and developing weaknesses related to thinking and acting strategically, identify and create an effective team of stakeholders to support HR strategy development, define Strategic HR Leadership for their organization, apply strategic thinking to the full employee lifecycle, and develop a plan to ensure their focus stays on strategic work.
  • Building Strategy: The goal of this session is to develop skills applying core strategic planning models and tools to the HR function. Participants will be able to use a S.W.O.T. analysis and Star Model to identify critical areas of focus, include Strategic Workforce Planning considerations into strategy creation, build a detailed action plan to support strategic objectives, articulate the most impactful people metrics (KPIs) for their organization, analyze the current state of HR data analytics for their organization, and create a plan to evolve their organization’s use of HR data analytics to drive strategic decisions.
  • Organizational Culture: The goal of this session is to understand and engage in stewarding organizational culture from an HR leadership position. Participants will be able to, define the core elements of organizational culture, partner with leadership to define and communicate while driving their organization’s culture, address culture and values gaps specific to expectations and reality, demonstrate the ability to create programs and initiatives to support culture and embed key behaviors, develop the team’s role in helping steward culture through HR process and support, and coach senior leaders to support organizational culture through 1:1 discussions and program design.
  • Talent Management: The goal of this session is to provide the tools and resources necessary to establish a successful talent management program. Participants will understand and leverage the essential elements of an effective Talent Management program and process, develop a plan for identifying categories of employees for talent management purposes including High-Potential, apply the fundamentals of strategic succession planning to their organizational context, implement an effective development planning process that supports long-term succession management success, and incorporate succession management metrics (KPIs) into overall HR and business strategy.
  • Organizational Consulting: The goal of this session is to develop skills for partnering with stakeholders to solve complex organizational challenges. Participants will be able to identify and leverage key consulting behaviors with internal clients, coach others to leverage an organizational mindset when building programs and addressing business issues, utilize core Organizational Development concepts when navigating large scale challenges, apply Organizational Design principles to support strategic success and operational excellence, develop the HR team to approach work with a consultative approach and organization-wide perspective, and learn how to coach leaders & employees toward higher levels of personal accountability and self-reliant problem solving.

Benefits of Strategic Human Resources Leadership

There are many benefits to bringing Strategic Human Resources Leadership into your workplace, such as:

Increased Strategic Thinking: Participants will learn how to lead the human resources function from a strategic level that aligns with overall business objectives. This means your HR department will become an engine for actual business results.

Improved Culture: Improving your company culture takes the buy in of not just your HR department but also the executive team. This training gives participants the tools they need to consult with executives and other leaders to manage and improve your organization’s culture.

Long-term Sustainability: The tools provided in this training will help participants implement long-term processes for sustainable change and improvements across their organization.

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This training offers 20 credits


This training offers 20 credits

For multiple session training events, only the session start date will appear while registering. Check Upcoming Sessions for all session dates.

In Person Training

Virtual Training

In Person Training Program Details

In person training takes place at the Frontline Training Solutions training center in Grand Rapids, MI. Class sizes are limited to 20 participants so that interaction and learning are maximized.

Strategic Human Resources Leadership in person training includes:

  • 20 hours of training and activities
  • Training workbook, templates, and tools
  • Snacks, drinks, and other refreshments

Format: Five 4-hour sessions delivered in person over five weeks

Location: 1760 44th Street SW, Suite 10, Grand Rapids, MI 49519

If you have any questions, need help registering, or would like to be invoiced for this event, please contact: Alec McGuire, Training & Event Coordinator at (616) 608-9684 or

2023 Sessions

  • November 13 – December 12 | Mondays | 8:00am – 12:00pm (EST)

2024 Sessions

  • July 17 – August 14 | Wednesdays | 1:00pm – 5:00pm (EST)

Customized Training

We offer customized training, both in person and virtual, for teams across the country. If you’d like a customized training on Strategic Human Resources Leadership for your team, contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In unique ways, small HR teams are presented with the challenge of bridging the gap between operation support and long-term strategy. This program will provide tools and resources to help transition to a more strategic frame of mind. It is especially helpful for HR professionals who have broad influence in their organization or HR professionals who are developing toward that level.

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