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Coaching is an essential tool for development in the workplace today. Our coaching services range from targeted professional development to executive development to team development and more.

The Power of Coaching

At Frontline Training Solutions, we want our clients to be equipped with the tools and resources to be an employer of choice. One of those resources is providing coaching for individuals and teams. We know that coaching engagements are unique, and our depth of experience lets us apply a variety of proven approaches while recognizing every situation is different and requires a slightly customized approach. Whether it is executive coaching, helping a senior leader rise to a new level, professional development coaching to help a struggling employee, or coaching a team through a challenge, our coaches are ready to partner with you.

The coach is not responsible to “fix” the situation, rather to help empower the individual or team to discover and identify barriers getting in the way of moving forward. Through discovery and insight, the coach works with the individual or team to develop action steps to gain traction.

While Frontline Training Solutions is headquartered out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, our coaches are located throughout the country and able to serve any client location. 

Coaching Solutions by Frontline Training Solutions

How it Works

Coaching with Frontline Training Solutions typically occurs in five simple steps:

1. Identify the Issue/Need

An initial intake session with the referring supervisor or HR professional to discuss needs, objectives and outcomes will be conducted. When there is alignment to proceed, an additional meeting will include the individual to discuss the following:

  • Purpose of the coaching
  • Review the framework of the coaching process: discovery, insight, and action
  • Roles of the coach and coachee
  • Expectations, objectives, and success measures

2. Proposal of Coaching Plan

Once there is a commitment from the perspective coachee, a formal proposal will be assembled which will include:

  • Agreed upon objectives and success measures
  • Potential coaching matches
  • Assessments to be leveraged (if applicable)
  • Frequency and total number of sessions
  • Process for stakeholder updates
  • Cost of coaching services

3. Coach Selection

The coachee will typically have the opportunity to meet with multiple potential coaches in order to provide feedback on who the coach will be. This is an important step to encourage coachee participation and buy-in. Potential coach matches will be made based on the needs identified in step one to ensure whichever coach is selected will be able to provide an exceptional experience.

4. Execution of Coaching Plan with Stakeholder Check-Ins

Typical coaching engagements will span from a few months up to a year. Individual coaching sessions will be scheduled in advance and will typically range between 60 and 90 minutes in length. Sessions can be conducted both in person and virtually. Assessments, if utilized, will be leveraged early in the coaching engagement with a possible reassessment at the end. Throughout the engagement, there will be assigned “homework” to ensure the coachee remains engaged and committed to their own development through the process. As agreed upon in the coaching proposal, periodic stakeholder updates will occur throughout the coaching engagement. Confidentiality will be maintained and the focus of these conversations will be observed progress toward goals. The coachee will participate in these conversations.

5. Completion and Final Feedback

When the coaching engagement is complete, a final stakeholder conversation will be conducted. This will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the impact of the coaching. Additionally, the coachee and stakeholders will discuss how to monitor and maintain continued progress over time.

Self-Reliant Problem Solving: Individuals participating in coaching are guided to develop self-reliant problem-solving skills to take ownership, responsibility and accountability for performance, behaviors and outcomes.

Targeted Development: Coaching is one of the most customized ways to develop. Through discussions with your coach, individuals will be able to target and address their most important development areas.

Improved Self-Awareness: Coaching helps people understand themselves and how others see them. This can then turn into increased effectiveness and impact.

A Safe Space: Coaching conversations help coachees discuss and receive guidance on topics that may be difficult with someone they work with on a daily basis.

Increased Personal Accountability: Personal accountability is a product of coaching through action steps the individual creates and follows-through on during the coaching engagement.

Improved Effectiveness: The goal of any coaching engagement is to help the individual become more effective. This will naturally translate into better performance and better relationships.

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