Training & Consulting for Professional Services

Whether you work at a law, accounting, or engineering firm, your company needs skilled leaders in order to succeed. Make sure your team has the leadership skills they need to take the company to the next level.

Trainings & Solutions for the Professional Services Industry

At Frontline Training Solutions, we are passionate about offering a variety of trainings and solutions customized for the professional services industry to help your business succeed while improving employee engagement and retention. Many of our open enrollment classes can be attended in person or virtually and are relevant to professional services leaders and employees at all levels.

Top Training Programs for Professional Service Firms

While many of our training programs are relevant to the professional services industry, several of our most popular programs include:

Emotional Intelligence

High emotional intelligence is associated with strong employee engagement, effective leadership, and building a successful job path. We offer both a Foundations of Emotional Intelligence and an Advanced Emotional Intelligence training program. These skills are important in any industry, but are especially relevant for professional service firms where interpersonal relationships with internal teams, clients, vendors, and more are so crucial to your success. Contact us today to get started on a customized training with your team around Emotional Intelligence, including a full assessment for each team member.

Customer Service

5-Star Customer Service is a critical component to success for the professional services industry. Customer service is important both for the external clients and customers you serve as a firm, but also for the internal teams you are working with throughout your organization. Frontline Training Solutions can help you design a customized training for your entire team to take your customer service to the next level.

Working Better Together (DiSC)

Are you ready to take communication and teamwork to the next level? DiSC is a powerful assessment and tool to help create greater self-awareness, communication, and teamwork throughout your entire organization. Explore our training solutions around the concept of Working Better Together or contact us to create a customized plan to start utilizing DiSC at your firm.

Consulting & Coaching Solutions for Professional Service Firms

All of our consulting and coaching solutions take a customized approach so we can partner together on the best solution for your professional service firm’s unique needs. Our team has worked with many different companies across the industry assisting with HR Consulting, Team Development, Leadership Coaching, and more. Our process always begins with an in-depth intake of your specific challenges and needs so we can present a tailored solution for you. Explore our solutions to learn more or just contact us today to get started.



Leadership Foundations

Format: This training is delivered in 3-hour sessions virtually for six weeks or in 4-hour sessions delivered in person over five weeks.

This training is focused on the foundational building blocks of leadership.


Purpose Driven Leadership Training

Format: These 4-hour sessions take place virtually over 6 weeks or in person over 8 weeks.

Learn how to build a better workplace culture and better influence those you lead by "turning the mirror" on yourself.


Developing Coaching Leaders

Format: These three 8 hour sessions take place in person over 3 months.

This 3-day training will help leaders see the difference between managing others and being a coaching leader.


Leading Change

Format: These 3-hour sessions take place virtually for three weeks or in one 7-hour session in person.

This training will provide an in-depth understanding of effective change management with a practical project based approach.


Courageous Conversations

Format: This 6-hour training takes place in two 3-hour sessions virtually or one 6-hour session in person.

This training will introduce radical candor as a model to professionally navigate difficult conversations.


Foundations of Emotional Intelligence

Format: These 2-hour sessions take place virtually over 4 weeks.

Improve your team collaboration and leadership abilities through a deeper understanding of your own emotional intelligence.


Working Better Together

Format: This training program takes place over three 2-hour sessions virtually for 3 weeks.

Working Better Together is an in-depth training that utilizes the DiSC assessment, to give employees the ability to build more productive and effective relationships at work.


Transforming Workplace Conflict

Format: This training program takes place over three 2-hour sessions virtually for 3 weeks.

Take conflict from being a workplace dread, to an asset. Transforming Workplace Conflict helps learners curb destructive behaviors in the moment so conflict can become more productive.


Strategic Human Resources Leadership

Format: These 4-hour sessions take place virtually or in person over 5 weeks.

Learn how to become a strategic HR leader to help move your company forward, exploring topics like: organizational culture, talent management, and more.



Team Solutions

A key indicator of successful organizations is directly connected to how healthy the team is and how well they work together. Bring the team together with our seasoned facilitator and...


Human Resources Consulting

Our HR consulting services include a variety of solutions designed to support your team, improve hiring and onboarding, and increase employee engagement.



Our coaching services range from professional development coaching, leadership development, executive coaching, HR leader coaching, and team coaching.

Why Work with Frontline Training Solutions?

Transform your Workplace: Emotional intelligence, the ability to have courageous conversations, healthy ways of navigating workplace conflict—all of these skills are necessary for organizations to succeed, especially in a professional services setting. Learn how to create a safe space for your team to work through challenges together instead of pitting individuals against each other. A team built on trust, safety, and respect can overcome any obstacle.

Become an Employer of Choice: These days, employees have more choices than ever. Rising wages, creative new benefit offerings, and the rise of remote work, are making employers think differently about how they attract and retain employees. Through a mix of training, consulting, and other solutions we can come alongside your team to help you become an employer of choice in your market!

Improve Hiring and Retention: Say goodbye to high turnover and hello to happier, healthier employees. Our team at Frontline Training Solutions consists of experts in employee engagement and retention. Our partner companies, Express Employment Professionals and Specialized Recruiting Group, can also help you recruit and hire qualified candidates.

Grow your Leaders: Every company has leaders, regardless of what their position, title, or salary is. Frontline Training Solutions can help you identify the emerging leaders on your team and develop them into intentional contributors to your company’s growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In addition to any technical knowledge necessary for a specific position, everyone working in a professional role benefits from emotional intelligence, communication, and leadership skills. Others might also need project management or customer service training. Supervisors and leaders often require leadership development, operational management, and coaching training to effectively lead their teams to success.