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Learn & Grow with Human Resources Training

As an HR professional, you are regularly focused on the development and growth of your leaders, employees, and teams.  But finding the time to focus on the development of your HR team can be challenging. Our team of HR experts have designed a curriculum that addresses the development of Human Resource professionals at all stages of their careers.  This highly practical training will provide returns long after it is complete and will address the challenges you face every day.

Whether you are an HR team of one or lead a large HR department, Frontline Training Solutions offers a variety of HR training programs to meet your needs.  These programs can be completed as part of a public workshop or brought to your organization for a customized and highly contextualized experience.  We cover a wide array of topics including HR strategy, organizational culture, talent management, strategic workforce planning, change management and more.  All of these training programs are designed with the goal of providing HR professionals with the tools needed to ensure their companies are employers of choice.

Benefits of Human Resources Training

There are many benefits to our human resources training, including:

Learn from Seasoned HR Professionals: All of our trainers bring a deep level of HR expertise and knowledge to their training programs.  They have worked in high-level HR positions and have had the “seat at the table” necessary to influence business decisions and strategy.  All of our programs are taught from a very practical perspective with real-life problems and results in mind.

Address your Talent Crisis with Real Solutions: In today’s challenging labor market, there is no silver bullet or quick fix.  However, the tools in our HR programs will empower you and your team to address these challenges and develop long-term solutions.

Improved Employee Retention: Employee retention is one of the top challenges facing employers today. One of the best ways to keep employees and encourage a long-term relationship is to ensure your HR team has the tools and resources required to support both business success and individual employee engagement.

Focus on the Full Employee Lifecycle: Employees need different things at different stages in their career.  It is important that HR professionals think holistically and our training programs provide tools and resources to support the full life-cycle of an employee, from before they start to the day they retire.

Recharge and Grow: HR is front-and-center with most significant challenges and changes in an organization.  These training programs will provide tools to navigate those challenges but will also serve to encourage and inspire HR professionals in their own development and growth.

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Available Human Resources Training Programs


The Human Resources Professional

Format: These 4-hour sessions take place virtually or in person over 3 weeks.

Take your human resources knowledge to the next level, exploring topics like: workplace engagement, navigating conflict, and connecting HR to business results.


The Frontline Human Resources Manager

Format: These 4-hour sessions take place virtually or in person over 4 weeks.

Become the HR manager your organization needs by exploring topics like: HR data and metrics, change management, HR maturity models, and more.


Strategic Human Resources Leadership

Format: These 4-hour sessions take place virtually or in person over 5 weeks.

Learn how to become a strategic HR leader to help move your company forward, exploring topics like: organizational culture, talent management, and more.


Masterful Interviewing and Onboarding

Format: This training course takes place over one 6-hour session in person or two 3-hour sessions virtually.

Learn the key to long term employee retention and engagement through Masterful Interviewing and Onboarding.


Strategic Workforce Planning

Format: This training is fully customizable for your intact team.

This hands-on training program will provide the resources for participants to create a strategic workforce plan that addresses the current talent crisis and long-term labor shortage.


Leading Change

Format: These 3-hour sessions take place virtually for three weeks or in one 7-hour session in person.

This training will provide an in-depth understanding of effective change management with a practical project based approach.

Human Resources Training for Your Industry


Strong human resource processes and leaders are essential for the manufacturing industry. From recruiting new talent, to retaining, engaging, and developing that talent, the human resource function in the manufacturing industry ensures that business runs smoothly. At Frontline Training Solutions, many of our trainers and facilitators come from a manufacturing leadership background and have in-depth experience working with companies in manufacturing to create real results.
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We know that nonprofits face very unique challenges compared to other organizations, especially when it comes to human resources. Our trainers and consultants have extensive experience working with the specific needs of nonprofits.
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Professional Services

Whether you work at a law, accounting, or engineering firm, your company needs effective human resource processes. Often, businesses in professional service industries struggle with creating a strong human resource foundation. At Frontline Training Solutions we take a customized approach to serving every client’s unique needs.
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Retail & Hospitality

The retail and hospitality industries are facing one of the most challenging labor markets of all time. Employee turnover and a very competitive labor market make human resource challenges at the top of the list for most retail or hospitality industries. Rise to the challenge with Frontline Training Solutions human resource training programs or customized solutions for your team.
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