Gain the foundational skills of an HR professional.

The Human Resources Professional

Take your human resources knowledge to the next level, exploring topics like: workplace engagement, navigating conflict, and connecting HR strategy to real business results.

What Is The Human Resources Professional?

Establishing yourself in the HR function requires the ability to balance employee and business perspectives while contributing to, and managing, various processes and programs. Effectively performing these expectations builds your credibility across the organization and establishes a foundation for long-term effective partnerships. While much of a frontline HR professional’s role is focused on tactical details, it is imperative to develop the ability to see the bigger picture and broader business considerations as well. 

This 12-hour program focuses on the foundational skills of effective HR professionals. Participants will identify the key actions and traits needed to build trust and establish (and maintain) credibility within their organization and with employees. Participants will learn about the importance of understanding their organization’s strategy and operational priorities as well as their role in supporting productivity and the principles and values to which the organization aspires. Participants will learn about the fundamentals of action planning, effective communication, working styles and managing through conflict.

The Human Resources Professional is available in person at our training facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in a virtual training format, or onsite at your company anywhere in the country. 


Who is it for?

This program targets new and experienced frontline HR professionals (Generalists or Specialists) who are interested in establishing, or building their professional credibility.  This is a recommended pre-requisite for The Frontline HR Manager course.

What You Will Learn

In-Person Cost: $895

Virtual Cost: $895

This program consists of 4-hour sessions that take place virtually or in person over 3 weeks. In these sessions you will cover:

  • THE CREDIBLE HR PROFESSIONAL: The goal of this session is to help HR professionals understand the key traits and characteristics that help to build credibility quickly.  As a result of attending, participants will be able to articulate characteristics of effective HR professionals, connect knowledge about personal working style and preferences to being an effective HR professional, build credibility with both employees and operational leaders, exhibit active listening and fundamental coaching behaviors with employees at all levels, build trust through effective communication and accountable action, and develop personal work habits that will contribute to long-term success within the HR function.
  • BUILDING OPERATIONAL CREDIBILITY: The goal of this session is to provide tools and resources for HR professionals to connect their work to operation’s success.  As a result of attending, participants will be able to partner with stakeholders to understand and support operational priorities, connect regular HR tasks to organizational success, recognize the impact of culture on decision-making and day-to-day operations, understand the basics of fact-based and metric-driven decision-making that align to operational priorities, support individual and team productivity and an engaging work environment, and build and execute action plans that support operational objectives leveraging systems and technology where appropriate.
  • COACHING THROUGH CONFLICT: The goal of this session is to develop personal capacity for supporting employees and managers in working through conflict.  As a result of attending, participants will be able to recognize personal approaches and reactions to conflict in the workplace, develop strategies for navigating conflict effectively, coach employees and managers through conflict situations, determine how to include others in conflict resolution when required, develop problem-solving skills with employees to facilitate personal accountability, and develop effective team dynamics in your workplace.

Benefits of The Human Resources Professional

There are many benefits from the things you will learn in The Human Resources Professional, such as:

Increased Credibility as an HR Professional: A key focus of this training program is on both the technical skills and interpersonal skills an HR professional needs to build cross functional credibility in their organization.

Improved Self-Awareness: Participants will better understand their individual working style and how to leverage natural strengths and mitigate weakness to enhance effectiveness as an HR professional.

Conflict Management: Human resource professionals of all levels are often placed in situations involving conflict or escalated situations. Participants will learn tools and techniques to navigate this successfully.

Building Better Partnerships: Participants will develop strategies for partnering more effectively with managers and employees at all levels. This allows HR professionals to take a more collaborative approach that creates more buy-in and drives better results.

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This training offers 12 credits


This training offers 12 credits

For multiple session training events, only the session start date will appear while registering. Check Upcoming Sessions for all session dates.

In Person Training

Virtual Training

In Person Training Program Details

In person training takes place at the Frontline Training Solutions training center in Grand Rapids, MI. Class sizes are limited to 20 participants so that interaction and learning are maximized.

This training includes:

  • 12 hours of training and activities
  • Training workbook, templates, and tools
  • Snacks, drinks, and other refreshments

Format: Three 4-hour sessions delivered in person over three weeks.

Location: 1760 44th Street SW, Suite 10,  Grand Rapids, MI 49519

If you have any questions, need help registering, or would like to be invoiced for this event, please contact: Alec McGuire, Training & Event Coordinator at (616) 608-9684 or

2024 Sessions

  • October 3 – October 17 | Thursdays | 8:00am – 12:00pm

Customized Training

We offer customized training, both in person and virtual, for teams across the country. If you’d like a customized training on The Human Resources Professional for your team, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The objectives and focus of this training are about establishing and enhancing your credibility as an HR professional. The behaviors and habits we discuss as contributing to these things will benefit any HR professional at any point in their career. We recommend you review the course description and objectives closely to determine how it might help you.

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