The Challenges of the Modern Workplace

Your Challenges

Learn how Frontline Training Solutions can help you navigate common workplace challenges and ultimately help your company succeed.

Building the Right Team

Becoming an Employer of Choice

With the rise of remote work, companies across the country (and, in some cases, across the globe) are competing for the same pool of top-notch, dedicated workers. How can you make your company stand out? Learn how to identify opportunities to improve your workplace culture and take actionable steps to become an employer of choice.

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Talent Attraction

It can be difficult to attract candidates with the right skills, knowledge, and experience for your job openings. Through our partner companies, Express Employment Professionals and Specialized Recruiting Group, we have local experts standing ready to assist you with any of your hiring needs from entry level to executive positions. 

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is directly related to a number of key metrics, from productivity to profitability to employee retention. Learn how to manage and improve employee engagement for your company with Frontline Training Solutions.

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Employee Retention

Too many businesses put time, effort, and resources into the hiring process only to lose employees to other opportunities—or worse, to direct competitors. Learn what you can do to improve employee retention rates for your business.

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Living Out Your Values


A company’s values are essential to its success, but too often, they’re simply treated like words on a page. Frontline Training Solutions helps businesses create a culture of accountability that helps every employee, no matter their position, feel invested in the success of the business.

Effective Communication

Don’t let important messages get lost in translation due to poor communication. Whether you’re communicating with your employees, coworkers, or clients, Frontline Training Solutions can help you learn how to communicate clearly and effectively.

Developing New Leaders

Leadership is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges facing companies today. Learn how to rehabilitate ineffective leaders, train employees new to leadership, and tap the potential of leaders emerging at all levels of the business.

Investing in Your Team

Team development and cohesion is critical to the success of a business—and requires more than a few pizza parties or happy hours to see results. Learn how to take a group of individuals and make them into an effective, productive, cohesive team.

Managing a Diverse Workforce

Change Management

Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be painful or frightening. With proper change management training, your company can learn to withstand any storm.

Succession Planning

Sustainable companies invest in and utilize their best employees without becoming overly reliant on a single person or position. With succession planning, you can learn how to ensure your company continues to thrive and grow no matter who’s on the team.

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Rise to the Challenge

Frontline Training Solutions can help your team rise to the challenges of the modern workplace, whatever they may be for your business. Contact us today to get started.

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