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Team Solutions

A key indicator of successful organizations is directly connected to how healthy the team is and how well they work together. Bring the team together with our seasoned facilitator and engage in an experience specifically aimed at making your team perform at a higher level.

What is Team solutions?

A key indicator of successful organizations is directly connected to how healthy the team is and how well they work together. Studies have found that teams built solely on talent are far less productive than teams with a good foundation and working chemistry. Through a study at Google, research found the most profound key trait to a successful team is how safe they feel presenting innovative ideas and dissenting opinions.

Healthy teams communicate, collaborate, trust each other, and utilize all the talent on the team. They maximize and elevate one another’s creativity and problem-solving ability. Teams who do not know how to work together can become siloed and territorial, placing roadblocks in the way of growth making the organization less effective. While individual employee development is crucial, studies show focused team development is also critical to an organization’s success.

While Frontline Training Solutions is headquartered out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, our team training specialists are located throughout the country and able to serve any client location. 

How it Works

Once you reach out to us, our Team Solutions process follows these simple steps.

1. Identify your team’s key challenges through an intake meeting or call.

Through a series of key questions, a facilitator will help to identify your key team challenges.

2. Create a solution tailored to your specific challenges.

In a collaborative fashion the facilitator will create and present a solution specifically designed to tackle your team challenges.

3. Engage the team with custom built activities and experiences.

The team will engage in an experience meant to draw out all voices, create meaningful reflection, and specific action, either one time or in a series, virtual or in-person.

4. Follow-up with resources and tools to continue team development.

The facilitator will follow up with resources and tools to provide ongoing activities for your team to keep growing better together.

Benefits of Team Solutions

There are many benefits to implementing a customized engagement solution for your team, including:

Improved Communication: A team solutions experience will give individuals self and others awareness as well as a shared language to minimize misunderstanding and miscommunication.

A Foundation of Trust: Great teams need to have a solid foundation of trust. There are many ways to build this, but it takes time and deliberate effort. Intact team training is a great starting point to building trust across your entire team.

More Productive Conflict: Conflict is often seen as a negative, but many high performing teams have mastered the art of having productive conflict. It starts with a deeper understanding of what causes conflict and what motivated each individual on the team. Once teams understand this positive conflict it can help you innovate and be more productive than ever before.

Increased Clarity: A team development expert will help leaders know where to start to develop a high performing team. Having external perspective brings clarity to the challenges and the actions needed to create a high performing team.

Greater Efficiency: A team which is not intentionally developed can find themselves spending their time managing drama rather than getting to work and focusing on the results.

Increased Engagement: Team solutions are built to create a culture of engagement – through a series of experiences employees will lean in and find their voice on their team.

Reduced Turnover: Employees who feel connected, feel trusted, and valued by their teammates are going to enjoy their work more and are less likely to leave.

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Team Solutions for Your Industry


The manufacturing industry is a special focus of Frontline Training Solutions. Many of our team members have experience working with manufacturing companies. Our team development specialists will use their knowledge of the industry and extensive experience to ensure your team development experience fit your industry specific needs such as difficult scheduling challenges of running a shop floor. Our specialist will help build collaboration, breaking down silos between sectors of your business.

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Professional Services

Companies in the professional services industry require team solutions which not only provide higher engagement but also group collaborative problem solving and innovation to be competitive in their respective markets. In the professional services industry teams tend to be flexible, in and out of the office at varying times, hindering team performance. A team development specialist can help you identify and overcome your challenges to take your team to the next level.

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Retail & Hospitality

Organizations working in retail and hospitality must operate at a very high speed and efficiency level to remain competitive. This makes the team dynamic and ability to work cohesively even more important. An improved employee’s experience on a team will improve customer service and the customer experience overall. Let us help you apply the principles of team development and other best practices to rise to a new level.

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Working effectively on a team and as a team is necessary at all levels of nonprofits. From leadership teams casting vision for the organization, to outreach teams leading those in need through the process to receive their services, strong communication skills and collaboration are a must. Frontline Training Solutions can help you turn your nonprofit into a high functioning team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Team Development Specialists assess your team’s challenges through an exploratory period, apply team development theory and practices creating a shared team experience which helps develop individuals and the team leading to increased performance and team retention.

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Why Frontline Training Solutions?

Originally developed as the training division of Express Employment Professionals, Frontline Training Solutions is proud to have team development experts with decades of experience providing effective team engagement and training solutions. Our facilitators treat every company with care and intentionality, employing the mindset of joining the team as they help brainstorm effective solutions instead of just making critiques from a distance. By choosing Frontline Training Solutions, you’ll be working with a skilled trainer and facilitator who has the knowledge, experience, skills, and care to make a difference for your employees and your business.

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