Apprenticeship Program Management

Express Employment Professionals created the West Michigan Manufacturing Apprenticeship Development Enterprise (WM MADE) as a partnership between West Michigan manufacturers and Express to address the current talent shortage in all manufacturing skilled trades disciplines. 

Frontline Training Solutions manages the entire apprenticeship program for your company from set up to completion.

The full program includes:

  • Training and Education: A customized training plan is created for each apprentice. This can be a combination of online, classroom, and onsite training.
  • Program Administration: We will provide administration, oversight, tracking, and evaluation of apprentices using the DOL regulations and approved Standards of Apprenticeship. This includes tracking, scheduling, and review of education content to ensure successful completion of the required number of content hours. Monthly performance reviews help evaluate the completion of training and educational commitments and monthly meetings with both the apprentice and the assigned internal trainer are conducted to address achievements, concerns, or issues that may arise as part of the training. Quarterly progress reports will be provided for management review. DOL reports and correspondence are completed and filed as required.
  • Program Setup and Customization: We help you create a customized program that will meet DOL standards. We manage all state registrations and certifications and can assist in applying for state funding you may be eligible for.
  • Apprentice Screening: Each prospective apprentice candidate will complete a behavioral interview conducted by a skilled trades specialist. Using the Mechanical Placement Test we will ensure that all candidates have the necessary aptitude to successfully complete the program. All candidates will complete background and drug screening; and reference checks will be completed. Our partner company, Express Employment Professionals, can assist in recruiting candidates, or internal company candidates can be utilized.

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Apprenticeship Solutions for you.

The program will allow your company to successfully train your next skilled trades workforce through the use of approved United States Department of Labor (DOL) Apprenticeship Standards.

What are the components of Apprenticeship Program Management?

Business Involvement

Employers are the foundation of åevery apprenticeship program and the skills needed by their workforce are at the core. Businesses must play an active role in building the program and be involved in every step in designing the apprenticeship. Your company has taken this step and has designed a program to create a career pathway for you, to provide you with the specific skills you need to be successful in your position.


On-the-Job Training

Every program includes structured on-the-job training. Apprentices get hands-on training from an experienced mentor at the job site for the duration of the program. On-the-job training is developed through mapping the skills and knowledge that the apprentice must learn over the course of the program in order to be fully proficient at the job.


Related Training and Instruction

Apprentices receive related training and instruction that complements on-the-job learning. This instruction delivers the technical, workforce, and academic competencies that apply to the job. For your program, training is provided online by Tooling U-SME. Your apprenticeship program will be broken into six month semesters with specific classes assigned each semester. You can work through the classes at your own pace each semester.


Rewards for Skill Gains

Apprentices receive increases in pay as their skills and knowledge increase. Your company has established an entry wage and an ending wage, and built in progressive wage increases through the apprenticeship as skill benchmarks are attained.


National Occupational Credential

Every graduate of a Registered Apprenticeship program receives a nationally-recognized credential. Apprenticeship programs are designed to ensure that apprentices master every skill and have all the knowledge needed to be fully proficient for  specific occupation. Your apprenticeship program is customized for your company so you learn the essentials of an occupation and to also ensure you learn all of the specific needs for your industry and company.


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Why Frontline Training Solutions?

Originally developed as the training branch of Express Employment Professionals, Frontline Training Solutions is proud to have Apprenticeship experts with decades of experience providing effective Apprenticeship Program Management. By choosing Frontline Training Solutions, you’ll be working with a team who has the knowledge, experience, skills, and care to manage your apprenticeship program with excellence.