Selection Assessments

There are a lot of unknowns when choosing someone to join your organization. Our Selection Assessments can help you navigate these critical decisions.

What are Selection Assessments?

Selection Assessment are tools that are used in the hiring and promotion decision-making process.  They typically assess the individual against pre-defined expectations for the role as well as personality-based alignment.  These tools can use generic job profiles to make recommendations, but we can also build custom profiles for specific needs.

How it Works

For Selection Assessments, we have the ability to offer:

1. Hogan Candidate Assessment Suite

This assessment can allow you to screen hundreds of candidates at once to find your highest-fit applicants in seconds, make informed hiring decisions based on the most valid personality assessment science in the industry, identify high-fit candidates based on millions of measured workplace performance data points.

2. Predictive Index

The Predictive Index talent optimization platform offers four modules to ensure your business and people are aligned and unstoppable.

Benefits of Selection Assessments

There are multiple benefits when you choose to invest in Selection Assessments with Frontline Training Solutions, including:

Increased Hiring Effectiveness: Using Selection Assessments will help you base your hiring decisions on more than an interview and intuition.

Awareness of Development Areas: Every candidate, no matter how closely matched, will have some areas to develop. Our Selection Assessments will help you start developing from day 1.

Comparing with Confidence: Our Selection Assessment tools will help you compare various candidates on the most important characteristics for your role.  Using these tools alongside your interview process can bring added clarity at just the right time.

Building Great Teams: You are not looking for homogeneity.  You are looking for effectiveness.  And our Selection Assessment tools will help you think about what your teams most need from new members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Selection Assessments can be very helpful for hard-to-fill positions or positions with considerable turnover.  They can also help with highly influential or strategically important roles such as senior leadership.  And finally, positions that garner a lot of applicants can also find benefit from using an assessment process.  Bottom line, Selection Assessments can help for any role in your organization.

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