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Decision Making and Innovation

Training for individuals and teams to develop critical thinking, decision making, and innovation skills that will give your organization a competitive advantage.

What Is Decision Making and Innovation?

Global executives polled by the World Economic Forum rated critical thinking, innovation, and problem solving among the top 3 of 10 skills necessary for 2020 and beyond. A constant theme we hear from leaders at all levels is the desire for individuals to have better problem-solving skills and the ability to critically think through situations.

Making good decisions and innovating is not for a select few, it is a skill which can be developed. In this course participants will change how they think about decision making, identify barriers which inhibit good decisions and innovation, and specific activities to lead truly collaborative efforts when solving a problem or making decisions. Practical experience will be gained through an innovation toolkit to deliver timely well thought out decisions. Barriers for teams will be identified in decision making, problem solving, and innovation. Best practices in team facilitation processes will be identified to think critically, problem solve, and innovate together.

Decision Making and Innovation is available in person at our training facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in a virtual training format, or onsite at your company anywhere in the country.

decision making & innovation

Who is it for?

This training is for individuals who need to develop critical thinking, decision making and innovation skills. This will be ideal for individual contributors or leaders of a team, leaders of processes, and individuals who want to grow in collaboration and innovation.

What You Will Learn

In-Person Cost: $495

Virtual Cost: $495

This training course takes place over one 8-hour session in person or three 3-hour sessions virtually. In these sessions you will cover two main areas of focus: 

  • Individuals: In the first half of the course participants will identify barriers to good decision making, processes to innovate “outside of the box thinking”, how to get un-stuck in a decision stalemate or analysis paralysis, and how to identify new and better ideas. Participants will then create a personal problem solving and innovation playbook to set the stage for part two.
  • Teams: The second half of the course will help participants understand the dynamics when teams are tasked with deciding or creating innovative solutions. Participants will learn how to lay the groundwork to create a team who is ready to engage in productive conversation and how to structure meetings in a way that includes everyone while still making decisions. Participants will learn tools and proven methods to overcome common roadblocks for teams who get stuck, frustrated, or disengaged around problem solving. This process will help tap into innovation and insights from the team to make the most creative and best decision to move forward together.

Benefits of Decision Making and Innovation

There are many benefits to bringing decision making and innovation into your workplace, such as:

Save Time and Increase Efficiency: Participants will create a decision-making playbook for individuals and teams to make better decisions faster – and come up with more innovative solutions easier.

Create More Buy in from Team: Participants will learn barriers to better decision making and create a better process, which in turn will create more buy in from leaders and teams.

Identifying Personal and Team Barriers: This training will help participants identify personal barriers to decision making, problem solving, and innovation. They will then identify barriers for team innovation and decision making, and learn practical solutions for navigating problem solving together.

Practical Experience: Participants will gain practical experience using an innovation toolkit to deliver timely well thought-out decisions.

Learning Best Practices: Participants will learn best practices in team facilitation processes to think critically, problem solve, and innovate together within their organization.

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This training offers 8 credits


This training offers 8 credits

For multiple session training events, only the session start date will appear while registering. Check Upcoming Sessions for all session dates.

In Person Training

Virtual Training

In Person Training Program Details

In person training takes place at the Frontline Training Solutions training center in Grand Rapids, MI. Class sizes are limited to 20 participants so that interaction and learning are maximized.

Decision Making & Innovation in person training includes:

  • 9 hours of training and activities
  • Training workbook, templates, and tools
  • Breakfast, boxed lunch, snacks, and drinks

Format: One 9-hour session delivered in person

Location: 1760 44th Street SW, Suite 10, Grand Rapids, MI 49519

If you have any questions, need help registering, or would like to be invoiced for this event, please contact: Alec McGuire, Training & Event Coordinator at (616) 608-9684 or

2023 Sessions

  • December 21 | Thursday | 8:00am – 5:00pm (EST)

Customized Training

We offer customized training, both in person and virtual, for teams across the country. If you’d like a customized training on Decision Making and Innovation for your team, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This training is geared more towards identifying personal and team barriers to organizational problem solving within the team and solving critical problems together, allowing more room for innovation. Our Working Better Together training is a good program to consider when approaching internal problems that can impede group dynamics.

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