Using DiSC to Understand and Maximize Personality Differences

Working Better Together

Working Better Together is an in-depth training that utilizes the Workplace DiSC® assessment, to give employees the ability to build more productive and effective relationships at work.

What Is Working Better Together?

Are you ready to take communication to the next level for yourself or your team? Working Better Together is an advanced training, offering employees at all levels the ability to build more productive and effective relationships at work. Participants will take a deep dive into discovering their own DiSC personality style, distinguishing the differences of other personality styles, and navigating the challenges and opportunities in relationships. With personalized insights and actionable strategies, participants will learn how to flex with other personality styles and improve engagement, collaboration, and overall experience in the workplace.

Working Better Together is available in person at our training facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in a virtual training format, or onsite at your company anywhere in the country.



Who is it for?

Working Better Together is designed for employees of all levels and across all industries. The topics learned are relevant for both leaders and individual contributors. Anyone who wants to have more effective professional relationships and improve their communication should sign up today!  

What You Will Learn

In-Person Cost: $445

Virtual Cost: $445

Working Better Together takes place over three 2-hour sessions virtually for 3 weeks. In these sessions you will cover:

  • Discovering Your Style: Before you can understand others’ personality styles, you have to first understand your own. Participants will take the DiSC personality assessment prior to class. In training, participants will debrief their assessment and learn the dynamics of each of the DiSC personality styles. They will also explore how their personality style influences their stressors, their motivators, how they believe others should function, and their overall experience in the workplace. 
  • Evaluating the “Other” Styles: Participants will take a deeper look at the other personality styles, learn what their reactions are to other styles, what works and what challenges they may face with them, and how others experience their own DiSC personality style. Each participant will choose one style to focus on and identify potential challenges and strengths of the relationship. 
  • Mastering Work Relationships: Participants will create personalized strategies to overcome challenges experienced when working with the different styles to maximize the effectiveness of their work relationship. Participants will also learn how to use the online Catalyst Platform as a comparison tool to reinforce what is learned when they get back to work.
  • Personal Action Plan: As a final step in this program, participants will create a personal action plan which lays out a specific and measurable plan for them to start improving their self awareness and workplace relationships.
  • BONUS – The Catalyst Platform: All participants receive ongoing access to extended learning opportunities with our interactive learning portal that gives participants unlimited access to on-demand insights about DiSC and strategies for applying DiSC to real work situations.

Benefits of Working Better Together Training

There are many benefits to bringing Working Better Together into your workplace, such as:

Better Communication: By learning how to flex communications styles, participants will know how to communicate in a way that will be truly heard by their coworkers.

Improved Teamwork: Participants will understand how to best build trust with their coworkers and how and when to give their coworkers the benefit of the doubt.

Increased Self Awareness: Every participant completes a DiSC assessment and receives an in-depth 26 page report. Participants will understand their own preferences and priorities at work and how they impact their perception of their coworkers for better or for worse.

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This training offers 6 credits


This training offers 6 credits

For multiple session training events, only the session start date will appear while registering. Check Upcoming Sessions for all session dates.

In Person Training

Virtual Training

Training takes place at the Express Employment Professionals Training center in Grand Rapids. Class sizes are limited to 10–20 participants so that interaction and learning are maximized. Training can also be customized and offered onsite at client companies for large enough groups.

Working Better Together in person training includes:

  • 6 hours of live training and application
  • 23-page in-depth DiSC Assessment
  • Extended learning opportunities with our interactive learning portal that gives participants unlimited access to on-demand insights about DiSC and strategies for applying DiSC to real work situations
  • Personal Action Plan – a specific and measurable plan to improve self-awareness and workplace relationship
  • Full hot lunch provided.

Format: One 6-hour session delivered in person.

Location: 1760 44th Street SW, Suite 10, Grand Rapids, MI 49519

If you have any questions, need help registering, or would like to be invoiced for this event, please contact: Alec McGuire, Training & Event Coordinator at (616) 608-9684 or

2024 Sessions

  • June 28 | Friday | 10:00am – 4:00pm (EST)

Customized Training

We offer customized training, both in person and virtual, for teams across the country. If you’d like a customized training on Working Better Together for your team, contact us today. We offer a variety of DiSC related training specifically designed for intact teams.

Customized team training sessions also include:

  • Access to the customized online Catalyst Platform.
  • Comparison DiSC reports of fellow teammates
  • Team View DiSC Report – this report gives you an at-a-glance view of a group of team members and their individual DiSC personality styles.
  • Group Culture DiSC Report – determine the group’s culture shaped by the collective DiSC personality style and explore its advantages and disadvantages, impact on group members, and influence on decision-making and risk-taking.

Training Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The DiSC Model is a simple yet powerful model that describes four basic behavioral styles: D, i, S, and C. D – Dominance, I – Influence, S – Steadiness, C – Conscientious. At the foundational core of DiSC it measures a spectrum of how cautious versus how bold someone is, and how questioning versus how accepting someone is. With these two spectrums of comparison combined we can learn someone’s preferred style of behavior which leads to deeper insights to be more effective in communication, work function, and team culture. For more information click here for an in-depth look at the theory and research of the DiSC model

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