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Operations/Lean Consulting

Sometimes as you pursue operational excellence, an outside perspective is helpful. The Frontline Training Solutions team can be that extra help for your team. Our team of seasoned professionals can provide onsite solutions for a host of manufacturing, operations, and workforce situations. Available to consult by the hour or project we are standing ready to help you create the solution you need.

What Is Operations and Lean Consulting?

Our Operations and Lean consulting services are in place to help you grow your business, increase capacity, increase profitability, and drive up efficiencies. We do this by meeting you where you are to help us understand your business and particular set of goals or needs and then applying decades of operational experience to work toward a solution. Whether you need Lean training, an operational overhaul, or simply a consult on a  project to gain some advantage, Frontline Training Solutions can be your partner.

While Frontline Training Solutions is headquartered out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, our operations consultants are located throughout the country and able to serve any client location. 

How it Works

Once you reach out to us, Operations/Lean consulting with Frontline Training Solutions occurs in these 5 simple steps:

1. Explore

We’ll work with you, in your space, to gain a thorough understanding of your needs and objectives. This is a partnering step that might be a meeting or two, or might take the form of embedding in your company for a time.

2. Ideate

Working with you and armed with all the knowledge we gain from exploring and all the experience we have in finding solutions, we’ll create the best list of solution ideas we can.

3. Plan

The next step is to make a plan, cast the vision, map the roll-out, and get ready to execute.

4. Teach/Train

Once Steps 1 – 3 are complete, we’ll work to understand any knowledge gaps that might exist and work to teach and/or train appropriately to close the gap.

5. Execute & Follow Up

We can step aside and let you execute the plan or walk beside and execute with you.

Benefits of Operations/Lean Consulting

There are many benefits to working with an Operations/Lean consultant, including:

Fresh Eyes:

An Operations/Lean consultant can move through your organization with a new perspective, fresh eyes, and no pre-conceived idea of what has taken place previously. This can sometimes be the difference between stepping off in a great new direction or being stagnant.

Profitability Gain:

At the heart of Lean manufacturing lies the cultural mindset of waste reduction. Reducing the known wastes help drive down cost which will help increase profits. A Lean consultant can help drive this mindset within your organization.


Operational changes and Lean methods are not designed to make your company smaller; instead they will gain capacity for you. Extra capacity shows up in many ways including increased market share, higher sales potential, more output with less effort, and right-sized work force. An Operational/Lean consultant can help pave the way for meaningful, sustainable, capacity growing change.

More Efficiency:

Gains in efficiency will almost always translate into more capacity, smoother operational flow, order instead of chaos, and a well-used right-sized workforce. This is also a key to making your hiring strategy work hard for you as you pursue the right number of the right workers. The burden of studying and addressing efficiency can fall on the Operations/Lean consultant, freeing you up for other work.

Reduced Turnover:

Employees who feel appreciated and understand how and why their work matters are more likely to stay. Operational excellence and Lean enterprises both cater to the employee who wants their job to be more than just the job. An Operations/Lean consultant can help foster the kind of enterprise that attracts and keeps top talent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Operations/Lean consultants will study your workflow, value stream, overall efficiencies, waste opportunities, safety culture, leadership behaviors, and other operational concerns and then help create a strategy to make a positive difference.

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Why Frontline Training Solutions?

Originally developed as the training branch of Express Employment Professionals, Frontline Training Solutions is proud to have Operational experts with decades of experience providing effective Operations and Lean consulting services. Our Operations/Lean consultants treat every company with care and intentionality, employing the mindset of “joining the team” as they help brainstorm effective solutions instead of just making critiques from a distance. By choosing Frontline Training Solutions, you’ll be working with an Operations/Lean consultant who has the knowledge, experience, skills, and care to make a difference for your business.

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