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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has been a buzzword for decades...but what is it actually and how can employers work to improve it?

The Problem

We define employee engagement using seven key elements. First is their level of connection to their organization, their work they do, their direct leader, and their coworkers. Additional factors are clear expectations, opportunities for development, and feeling like their opinions matter. Employee engagement is difficult because narrowing down the reason an employee is disengaged is difficult. Half the battle of employee engagement is figuring out why employees are disengaging so the correct intervention can be applied. Reported in this article from Gallup, just 34% of employees were engaged and 16% were actively disengaged. This is a 2% drop from the previous year. The labor shortage created by the vanishing workforce and an overabundance of job opportunities has shown that employee engagement has a significant impact on retention. With increased job opportunities it is more important than ever for employers to increase their efforts to engage employees so they can retain their workforce.

The Impact of Employee Engagement

Engaged employees feel good about the work they do, feel they can trust their direct supervisor, have a sense of connection to their organizations vision and values, they know what is expected of them, they feel connected to their coworkers, and they see a clear path of career development. Employees who are fully engaged in each of these areas will perform at a higher level and feel a connection to their organization which leads to greater retention.

How We Can Help

Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement

The first step to any good employee engagement strategy is to evaluate how employees rank their employee experience on the key factors which contribute to employee engagement. Additional factors may be competitive pay and benefits, work-life balance, and other factors more specific to your industry. Secondly, we would evaluate how well your organization communicates expectations, trains and develops their leaders, develops their teams, and operates within their vision and values. Once we evaluate the strengths and challenges in these core areas we will present an Employer of Choice plan targeting the highest impact areas and ways to partner together to increase employee engagement.

How Frontline Training Solutions Can Help

Leadership Development

Many begin to disengage and even choose to leave their organization because of a bad manager. Inversely, great leaders create greater engagement and commitment from the people they lead (leader’s create engagement and commitment).  Frontline Training Solutions leadership development training suite targets the leadership skills leaders needed to build trust, communicate more effectively, develop, motivate, and empower their people. Organizations who evaluate and develop their leaders have greater engagement from their employees. Additionally, these courses are built in an interactive way helping leaders apply the knowledge they have learned on a daily basis.

Organizational Development Consulting

We consult with organizations helping them communicate systematically, manage change, develop employee development paths, evaluate their vision, mission, and values. Organizations who give clear paths for professional development, communicate systematically, and clearly operates within their mission, vision, and values will create more engaged employees.

Team Development

Creating a sense of belonging on the team, clear and open communication, drama free conversations, and feeling like their opinion matters are all factors to employee engagement. With team development strategies and experiences, we can help you create teams which drive engagement.

Job Fit Assessment

How employees feel about the work they do is a significant factor in employee engagement. Through in-depth job fit assessments employees will become more self-aware and you can be sure you are placing them in a role which fits their skills, strengths, and passions well leading to higher engagement. This and many other solutions are available through our Human Resources Consulting solutions.

Lean and Efficiency Consulting

The reality is the shortage of employees is not going to go away. The risk as an employer is to overburden the employees you have by piling on additional work. This additional work can lead to disengagement. With our lean and efficiency consulting you will find ways to lighten the load by working smarter and not harder through removing waste from your processes and systems via continuous improvement increasing job satisfaction.

Rise to the Challenge with Frontline Training Solutions

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Human Resources Consulting

Our HR consulting services include a variety of solutions designed to support your team, improve hiring and onboarding, and increase employee engagement.


Operations/Lean Consulting

Sometimes as you pursue operational excellence, an outside perspective is helpful. The Frontline Training Solutions team can be that extra help for your team. Our team of team of seasoned...


Team Solutions

A key indicator of successful organizations is directly connected to how healthy the team is and how well they work together. Bring the team together with our seasoned facilitator and...



Leadership Foundations

Format: This training is delivered in 3-hour sessions virtually for six weeks or in 4-hour sessions delivered in person over five weeks.

This training is focused on the foundational building blocks of leadership.


Supervisor Boot Camp

Format: This 16-hour training takes place over four 4-hour sessions virtually or over two back to back full days in person.

Our Supervisor Boot Camp training provides the practical tools, tips, and techniques necessary for your frontline management to thrive in the day-to-day battle of frontline leadership.


The Human Resources Professional

Format: These 4-hour sessions take place virtually or in person over 3 weeks.

Take your human resources knowledge to the next level, exploring topics like: workplace engagement, navigating conflict, and connecting HR to business results.


The Frontline Human Resources Manager

Format: These 4-hour sessions take place virtually or in person over 4 weeks.

Become the HR manager your organization needs by exploring topics like: HR data and metrics, change management, HR maturity models, and more.


Strategic Human Resources Leadership

Format: These 4-hour sessions take place virtually or in person over 5 weeks.

Learn how to become a strategic HR leader to help move your company forward, exploring topics like: organizational culture, talent management, and more.


Foundations of Emotional Intelligence

Format: These 2-hour sessions take place virtually over 4 weeks.

Improve your team collaboration and leadership abilities through a deeper understanding of your own emotional intelligence.


Working Across Cultures

Format: This training is fully customizable for your intact team.

This training will help participants improve cross-cultural understanding and communication within their organization.


Decision Making and Innovation

Format: This training course takes place over one 8-hour session in person or three 3-hour sessions virtually.

This in person training will help identify personal and team barriers to decision making, critical problem solving, and innovation.

Experienced Problem-Solving for Your Industry


Engagement in the manufacturing industry can be particularly challenging as there are a varying degree of skill levels, career trajectories and job expectations. A few of the challenges unique to the manufacturing context are connecting repetitive work to greater purpose and meaning. Let Frontline Training Solutions partner with you to overcome these challenges.
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A few challenges non-profits experience with employee retention is maintaining competitive pay, limited resources for employee engagement initiatives and employee development. Employee engagement requires creative thinking and being resourceful in this industry more than others. Let Frontline Training Solutions partner with you to create your best solution.
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Retail & Hospitality

Focusing on employee development and engagement can be easily overlooked in the fast paced environment of the retail and hospitality businesses. However, in today’s talent crisis a strong focus on employee engagement is more important than ever. Frontline Training Solutions has a unique perspective into the workforce, let us put that perspective to work for you.
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Professional Services

Whether you work at a financial, engineering, or staffing firm, your company needs engaged employees in order to succeed. Businesses in the professional service industry range from very small firms to large corporations and each has it’s own unique challenges that require a unique solution. Let Frontline Training Solutions create the customized solution you need.
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Employee Motivation and Engagement - Free Webinar Recording

This webinar will take a look at how to understand the difference between an engaged and motivated employee. We will explore how to help leaders have more meaningful conversations to understand how their employees feel about their job, the organization, and leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To start, evaluate where you are as an organization in the key six to seven areas of employee engagement. We can help with that. Click here to connect with one of our team to discuss strategies.