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We offer leadership training and consulting solutions specifically designed for the manufacturing industry by manufacturing experts.

Manufacturing Trainings & Solutions

At Frontline Training Solutions, we are passionate about offering a variety of trainings and solutions tailored to the manufacturing industry to help your business succeed while improving employee engagement and retention. Some of our training programs are specifically designed for those coming from manufacturing or similar industrial settings and some are designed for participants from any industry. One of the biggest benefits of our open enrollment programs is that participants get to network and learn from other participants who are in similar roles at different companies, whether in the same industry or across industries.

Manufacturing Training Programs

While many of our training programs are relevant to the manufacturing industry, two programs stand out as specifically designed for manufacturers and presented by manufacturing experts.

Supervisor Boot Camp

In manufacturing the best welder, or machinist, or assembler is often promoted into a leadership role and expected to succeed because they were good at their previous position. In reality, the skills needed to be a manager and leader are completely different than the “hard skills” they were using to be good at their jobs. Supervisor Boot Camp is a training program specifically built for supervisors and frontline leaders in manufacturing or similar industrial settings. This program teaches participants the practical skills they need to survive and thrive in the world of manufacturing leadership and to successfully transition from peer to manager. Designed by experts with 30+ years of manufacturing experience, this program will engage manufacturing leaders in a way few other training programs can. Available in open-enrollment formats or onsite delivery at your organization.

13 Weeks to Operational Excellence and Leadership Alignment

This program is hosted onsite at your company over 13 weeks with all levels of leadership. It is specifically designed for manufacturing companies to bring alignment across all levels of the organization. From floor leads, to supervisors, to senior managers each topic is delivered to each group separately to address their specific needs and create alignment across all levels. Delivered by manufacturing experts the program hons in on practical examples for fast measurable results at your company.

Manufacturing Consulting Solutions

All of our consulting solutions take a customized approach with each client so we can partner together on the best solution for your unique needs. There are two areas we most often work with manufacturers.

Operations/Lean Consulting

One of the top challenges facing manufacturers across the country is the ongoing labor shortage, which is not expected to change in the foreseeable future. One of the key ways manufacturers must address this is through the efficiency of their operation. Our team of manufacturer experts can help you evaluate and create solutions on topics from safety to lean manufacturing, to 5S, to employee onboarding.

HR Consulting

In today’s talent climate strategic workforce planning and HR functions are one of the most important components to a manufacturer’s success. Our consulting expertise in this area comes from in-depth experience with manufacturers both large and small. Creating solutions from succession planning, to strategic workforce planning, to employee retention. Our overall goal when we work with manufacturers is to help you become an employer of choice in your market so you can be sustainable for the future.



Supervisor Boot Camp

Format: This 16-hour training takes place over four 4-hour sessions virtually or over two back to back full days in person.

Our Supervisor Boot Camp training provides the practical tools, tips, and techniques necessary for your frontline management to thrive in the day-to-day battle of frontline leadership.


Leadership Alignment for Operational Excellence

Format: This training is fully customizable for each company's unique challenges.

Bring all levels of leadership into alignment while each person learns about critical skills and leadership traits.


Project Management Essentials

Format: This 16-hour training takes place over four 4-hour sessions virtually or over two back to back full days in person.

Learn the mechanics of effective project management, how to get people onboard, and achieve successful results.


Time Management

Format: This training takes place in one 3-hour session virtually or in person.

This course will look at some ways to help us be more productive with our time, through looking at behaviors affecting our time management.


Strategic Workforce Planning

Format: This training is fully customizable for your intact team.

This hands-on training program will provide the resources for participants to create a strategic workforce plan that addresses the current talent crisis and long-term labor shortage.


Strategic Human Resources Leadership

Format: These 4-hour sessions take place virtually or in person over 5 weeks.

Learn how to become a strategic HR leader to help move your company forward, exploring topics like: organizational culture, talent management, and more.



Operations/Lean Consulting

Sometimes as you pursue operational excellence, an outside perspective is helpful. The Frontline Training Solutions team can be that extra help for your team. Our team of team of seasoned...


Human Resources Consulting

Our HR consulting services include a variety of solutions designed to support your team, improve hiring and onboarding, and increase employee engagement.



Our coaching services range from professional development coaching, leadership development, executive coaching, HR leader coaching, and team coaching.

Why Work with Frontline Training Solutions?

We Have a Deep Connection to the Industry: Frontline Training Solutions was born out of parent company, Express Employment Professionals, the largest industrial staffing company in the U.S. Our roots run deep in serving the manufacturing industry having placed millions of job seekers and served tens of thousands of companies.

Get Manufacturing Training from Experts: Many training companies promise leadership and organizational expertise from business coaches and HR experts, but how many know the ins and outs of your particular industry? At Frontline Training Solutions, our team of experts consists of people who have actually worked in manufacturing. They know how to translate leadership and team training principles into the day-to-day of working in a manufacturing facility, plant, or factory—because they’ve done it for their own businesses.

Grow your Manufacturing Team Leaders: Every company has leaders, regardless of what their position, title, or salary is. Frontline Training Solutions can help you identify the emerging leaders on your team and develop them into intentional contributors to your company’s growth.

Transform your Workplace: Emotional intelligence, the ability to have courageous conversations, healthy ways of navigating workplace conflict—all of these skills are necessary for businesses to succeed, even in a manufacturing setting. Learn how to create a safe space for your team to work through challenges together instead of pitting individuals against each other. A team built on trust, safety, and respect can overcome any obstacle.

Get to Know your Manufacturing Team: Every employee brings a unique mix of experience, emotions, personal history, and way of thinking into the workplace. Get to know your manufacturing team with the help of talent and personality assessments. Tools like DiSC®, StrengthsFinder, and more can help uncover the simple ways we misunderstand each other, leading to better communication and unit cohesion. Assessments can also uncover hidden strengths and talents, allowing you to better chart a growth plan for your employees that maximizes their innate gifts. 

Improve Hiring and Retention for Manufacturing Employees: Say goodbye to high turnover and hello to happier, healthier employees. Our team at Frontline Training Solutions consists of experts in employee engagement and retention. Our partner companies, Express Employment Professionals and Specialized Recruiting Group, can also help you recruit and hire qualified candidates. 

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The Shop Floor Solution to Employee Retention - Free Webinar Recording

This webinar will explore another piece of the puzzle: How front-line leaders impact retention. Based on 30+ years of manufacturing experience, John Keuning, Express Employment Professionals Director of Manufacturing Training, will explore how our front-line leaders are the voice and face of the company and how their interaction can help make or break an employee’s decision to stay or leave.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In addition to any technical knowledge necessary for a specific manufacturing positon, all manufacturing workers benefit from basic time management, communication, and interpersonal skills. Others might also need project management or customer service training. Manufacturing supervisors and leaders often require leadership development, operational management, and emotional intelligence training to effectively lead their teams to success.