Executive Coaching

Becoming an executive is a big accomplishment, that comes with big influence and even bigger potential pitfalls. Executive coaching is an essential tool to help navigate the highs and lows of leading an organization.

What is Executive Coaching?

First, let’s answer the question “What is coaching?” At its core, coaching is a process by which one individual helps increase another individual’s capacity to solve problems and navigate challenges. Effective coaching raises the individual’s self-awareness and activates their experience to help them make good decisions and drive results.

When applied to an executive, coaching helps ensure the executive has a clear understanding of who they are, and the challenges they are facing. Executive coaching also increases sensitivity around the impact the executive has on individuals and the overall organization.

Coaching is an essential tool for developing executive-level talent. Executive coaching allows for a highly customized and targeted development experience that supports the on-the-job development that is a natural part of leading at the highest level.

While Frontline Training Solutions is headquartered out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, our executive coaches are located throughout the country and able to serve any client location. 

How it Works

Executive Coaching with Frontline Training Solutions occurs in five simple steps:

1. Identify the Focus of the Executive Coaching

An initial intake session with the referring leader or HR professional to discuss the focus area(s) of the Executive coaching request. When there is alignment to proceed, an additional meeting will include the Executive to discuss the following:

  • Purpose of the coaching
  • Review the framework of the coaching process: discovery, insight, and action
  • Roles of the coach and coachee
  • Expectations, objectives, and success measures

2. Proposal of Coaching Plan

Once there is a commitment from the Executive, a formal proposal will be assembled which will include:

  • Agreed upon objectives and success measures
  • Potential coaching matches
  • Assessments to be leveraged (if applicable)
  • Frequency and total number of sessions
  • Process for stakeholder updates
  • Cost of coaching services

3. Coach Selection

The executive will typically have the opportunity to meet with multiple potential coaches in order to participate in the selection of the coach. This is an important step to encourage Executive participation and buy-in. Potential coach matches will be made based on the needs identified in step one to ensure the selected coach will be able to provide an exceptional experience.

4. Execution of Coaching Plan with Stakeholder Check-Ins

Typical coaching engagements will span from a few months up to a year. Individual coaching sessions will be scheduled in advance and will typically range between 60 and 90 minutes in length. Sessions can be conducted both in person and virtually. Assessments, if utilized, will be leveraged early in the coaching engagement with a possible reassessment at the end. Throughout the engagement, there will be assigned “homework” to ensure the executive remains engaged and committed to their own development through the process. As agreed upon in the coaching proposal, periodic stakeholder updates will occur throughout the coaching engagement. Confidentiality will be maintained, and the focus of these conversations will be observed progress toward goals. The executive will participate in these conversations.

5. Completion and Final Feedback

When the coaching engagement is complete, a final stakeholder conversation will be conducted. This will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the impact of the coaching. Additionally, the executive and stakeholders will discuss how to monitor and maintain continued progress over time.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

There are multiple benefits when you choose to invest in Executive Coaching with Frontline Training Solutions, including:

Targeted Development: As people progress to the executive level, their development becomes more targeted and customized. Executive coaching is one of the best ways to meet those criteria for this unique group of leaders.

Improved Self-Awareness: Right or wrong, people look at executives differently. Executive coaching helps leaders understand this perspective and how to ensure they remain open and approachable in all circumstances.

A Safe Space: Executives, like everyone, need to be able to talk candidly about their challenges. This can be hard to do without an outside perspective. Executive coaching is a great way to provide this opportunity and help executives understand and explore options in a safe environment.

Improved Impact: Executives impact organizations in a differentiated way. The words they say and their actions carry weight sometimes beyond what was intended. Helping executives understand this reality and navigate it effectively can greatly improve their overall impact.

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Executive Coaching for Your Industry


Frontline Training Solutions is proud to have former manufacturing executives on our coaching team. We have the industry experience necessary to help manufacturing leaders face their unique set of challenges and development goals.
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Our coaching team has worked with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. We have the experience necessary to help nonprofit executives make critical decisions in the context of their business structure.
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Professional Services

Leading a professional services organization presents unique challenges that require unique perspectives. Our executive coaching team has the experience and tools needed to help you navigate these challenges and weather difficult environments with confidence.
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Retail & Hospitality

Businesses in the retail and hospitality industry thrive by connecting with customers and meeting their needs. Our coaches can help your executives overcome their top challenges and take their service, and the service of their organization to the next level.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our potential Executive Coaching matches are made based on the information collected in the discussion around the goals of the coaching engagement. When making a recommended match, we consider the coach’s experience, style, and assessment toolkit to ensure the best partnership possible.

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Why Frontline Training Solutions?

Originally developed as the training division of Express Employment Professionals, Frontline Training Solutions is proud to have coaching experts with in-depth experience providing effective Executive Coaching services. Our coaches treat every client with care and intentionality. By choosing Frontline Training Solutions, you’ll be working with a coach who has the knowledge, experience, skills, and care to make a difference for your employees and your business.

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