360° Feedback Assessments

Understanding the perspective of others is a big part of understanding your effectiveness. 360° Feedback Assessments are a great way to highlight strengths and development areas.

What are 360° Assessments?

360° Feedback Assessments were originally created to ensure senior leaders were receiving effective and helpful feedback from within their organization. It can be difficult for people to provide this type of feedback to senior leaders without fearing reprisal. Because 360° Feedback Assessments protect the anonymity of raters (other than direct managers), people are more comfortable rating senior leaders and providing candid comments on what they can improve. Most 360° Feedback Assessments will break rater categories into groups such as superiors (the level above their manager), peers, direct reports, and others. In addition most 360° Feedback Assessments have both quantitative and qualitative sections as well as a focus on potential career derailers.

How it Works

For 360° Assessments, we have the ability to offer:

1. Leadership Circle Profile™

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) provides a detailed snapshot in time, enabling leaders to answer the question: “How are my behaviors and mindset enabling or constraining my intended leadership impact and our business performance?”

2. CCL’s Benchmark 360° for Executives

Designed to reveal how your top leaders compare to the highest-level leaders in CCL’s exclusive database, Benchmarks® for ExecutivesTM is the premier 360° assessment for executives and senior directors. With the addition of CCL CompassTM — a cutting-edge online tool that brings data to life — feedback reports can now be instantly transformed into uniquely insightful actionplans.

3. CCL’s Benchmarks 360° for Managers

Measuring 16 competencies critical for success as well as 5 potential career derailers, Benchmarks® for ManagersTM is a comprehensive 360° assessment that provides middle- to upper-level managers a solid evaluation of their leadership competencies. Thanks to the versatile power of CCL CompassTM — a cutting-edge online tool that brings data to life — managers can identify personal areas that need strengthening and then instantly pursue effective strategies based on work experiences as well as confront possible career-stalling problems.

4. CCL’s Benchmarks 360° Learning Agility

Designed to identify leaders who respond to various challenges with effective decision-making, Benchmarks® for Learning AgilityTM is a 360° assessment that measures learning agility and capacity for new skill adoption. Paired with CCL CompassTM— a cutting-edge online tool that brings data to life – feedback on an individual’s willingness to engage in and learn from growth opportunities is instantly turned into personally relevant action plans that increase leadership agility.

5. Customizable and Interview 360°

Customizable 360° Assessments are traditionally anonymous survey-based assessments customized to a client’s specific competencies or behaviors.  Interview-based 360° Assessments are simply a conversation between a coach and the individuals providing feedback where there is no formal survey or online tool, but rather a series of questions asked by the coach with possible follow-up questions for deeper understanding.

Benefits of 360° Feedback Assessments

There are multiple benefits when you choose to invest in 360° Feedback Assessments with Frontline Training Solutions, including:

Increased Self-Awareness: 360° Feedback Assessments help individuals understand themselves, their preferences, and their behaviors better especially as their perspective compares to the perspectives of those with whom they work closest.

Development for Senior Leaders: Helping senior leaders in your organization get candid feedback can be challenging, but also extremely worthwhile. Our tools will help identify the best areas to focus on while highlighting strengths that can likely be leveraged even more.

Feedback for Anyone: While 360° Feedback Assessments are often used with higher-level leaders, they are an excellent tool for gathering feedback from close co-workers around key leadership traits. This can apply to individual contributors, managers and executives alike.

Closing the Perception Gap: 360° Feedback Assessments are very effective at helping individuals see things that are obvious to other people. This can help employees understand the impact of their behavior, especially their blind spots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While 360° Feedback Assessments can be used with any employee, they are a common tool in developing leaders. Whether you are focused on developing a high-potential employee or a C-Level leader, 360° Feedback Assessments are an essential part of the equation. They are also an effective part of a traditional coaching arrangement. Contact us to talk through your specific situation and we can help you focus on the right approach.

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