A free webinar exploring the power of listening and how this can empower the workplace

Listen With Purpose

Watch this free webinar where we discussed the power of listening well in the workplace. Together we will sharpen the communications tools in our tool box and explore how these tools can be used with empathy to increase connection and a sense of belonging.

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What You'll Learn

Listening well in the workplace is a critical skill that can have a profound impact on the overall dynamics and success of a team. When leaders and team members actively engage in effective listening, it empowers the entire team by fostering connection and creating an environment where everyone’s ideas and opinions are valued. Listening well can strengthen workplace relationships, allowing people to feel heard and understood which can lead to increased trust and collaboration. By actively listening and showing empathy towards others, team members create a sense of belonging and inclusivity, which is vital for a positive work culture. Employees who feel genuinely listened to are more likely to stay with their organizations, reducing turnover and promoting long-term stability. By prioritizing active listening, employers can foster a supportive and engaged workforce, resulting in enhanced productivity and overall success.

This webinar is presented by Dayna Neff, the Client Relations Manager / Senior Facilitator for Frontline Training Solutions, where she brings over 30 years experience in leadership development and coaching to present on how listening well can positively impact our workplace cultures. This webinar qualifies for 1 SHRM/HRCI re-certification credit and will be broadcasted live from the Frontline Training Solutions studio in Grand Rapids, MI.


Dayna Neff

Dayna joined the Frontline team in 2023 as the Client Relations Manager / Senior Facilitator. Having spent her career in commercial health and wellness and non-profit leadership, Dayna has been connecting with individuals and training adults for over 30 years. She believes wholeheartedly that everyone is a leader, and her goal is to connect people with solutions and to coach/help grow the next generation of leaders in her circle of care. Dayna is a lifelong learner and has completed her education with both Central Michigan University and Davenport University, studying corporate wellness and executive level business administration and she continues to believe the best classroom experiences occur when we connect to one another at a human level of grace and appreciation.