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The Shop Floor Solution to Employee Turnover

This webinar will explore how front-line manufacturing leaders impact employee retention.

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What You'll Learn

Questions around employee turnover continue to swirl around the conference rooms and HR offices of manufacturing companies across the country. How do we attract good workers? How do we keep them? What’s wrong with today’s workforce? How can we stop the “churn”?

A lot of solutions are being offered up and at the same time, there seems to be no clear answer to the problem of high turn-over, short stays, and no-show workers.

This webinar explored another piece of the puzzle: how front-line leaders impact retention. This webinar explored how our front-line leaders are the voice and face of the company and how their interaction can help make or break an employee’s decision to stay or leave.


John Keuning

John Keuning

As Director of Manufacturing Training, John Keuning has a passion to put his 30 years of manufacturing and leadership experience to work for companies by providing both classroom training, virtual training, and on-site consulting. His goal is to help develop better leaders, engage workers, lower cost of goods, and increase profits for companies by arming teams with the tools necessary to be great agents of change. John’s favorite place to be is on the plant floor working side-by-side with teams and leaders to find solutions to manufacturing questions. He has extensive experience in Lean manufacturing theory and implementation as well as helping new and advancing leaders understand the day-to-day work of being a leader. John has served multiple industries as a supervisor, Lean leader, product launch leader, production manager, plant manager, and director of manufacturing.