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Supervisor Boot Camp - St. Joseph, Michigan

This training boot camp provides the practical tools, tips, and techniques necessary for your frontline management to thrive in the day-to-day battle of manufacturing leadership.

What Is Supervisor Boot Camp?

An exploration of what leaders are asked to be, what they’re asked to do, and methods to get both.

In manufacturing, the best welder, machinist, or assembler is often promoted into a leadership role and expected to succeed because they were good at their previous position. In reality, the skills needed to be a manager and leader are completely different than the “hard skills” they were using to be good at their jobs. This program teaches participants the practical skills they need to survive and thrive in the world of manufacturing leadership and to successfully transition from peer to leader. Designed by experts with 30+ years of manufacturing experience, this program will engage manufacturing leaders in a way few other training programs can.

This in-person training takes place at the Express Employment Professionals training facility in St. Joseph, Michigan. For the in-person training in Grand Rapids, MI, please click here.

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Who is it for?

Supervisor Boot Camp is for frontline supervisors, new leaders, or high potential employees being trained for a management role. The content is designed with a focus on leaders in a manufacturing or similar industrial setting. While the content is targeted towards frontline leaders each class may have participants ranging from team leaders up to plant managers. Typical industry backgrounds include manufacturing of all types, warehousing and distribution, construction, skilled trades, and more.

What You Will Learn

In-Person Cost: $1195

Virtual Cost: $1195

This high energy course is delivered over 16-hours of training taking place over four 4-hour sessions virtually or over two back to back full days in person. In these sessions you will cover:

Supervisor Basics: Participants will go over the purpose, role, and influence of the supervisor and they will learn the six attributes of a leader and how to apply them. They will also discuss the mechanics of the job, such as decision making, fire-fighting, planning, and accountability. In this session they will transition from a co-worker mindset, to a leadership mindset.

Financial Literacy and Impact: Participants will discuss how they can impact the company’s bottom line. They will learn basics about financial goals, labor costs, budgets, and profitability. They will also be introduced to Lean Manufacturing concepts, understand the financial impact of the 7 types of waste, and learn some simple changes that can help or hurt the bottom line.

Communication Essentials: Participants will understand the importance of being well read, well spoken, and well heard. They will learn how to write proper e-mails, conduct productive meetings, and communicate cascading goals and actions throughout the organization.

Thriving With Your Team: Participants will review a day in the life of a supervisor. They will understand how to plan the day’s production, execute before and after action reviews, and conduct effective “morning huddles.”  They will learn how the incoming worker and existing worker need to work together for higher retention and lower turnover.

The course will conclude with a lesson on managing vs. leading.


Benefits of Supervisor Boot Camp

There are many benefits to bringing Supervisor Boot Camp into your workplace, such as:

Know What it Means to be a Leader: This fast-paced, interactive series is about the “how-to” of management. It’s designed to give you a new set of tools in your leadership toolbox with which you can enjoy a reduced level of stress and new heights of success.

Put Time Back in your Day: This training gives a new perspective to “waste” and introduces participants to the principles of Lean Manufacturing.

Understand Financial Awareness: This training provides financial awareness and ways for leaders to help improve the bottom line, while driving business goals.

Better Employee Retention: Employees who feel connected to and appreciated by their direct supervisors are more motivated, have higher engagement, and are less likely to leave the company for another opportunity. Supervisor Boot Camp takes an in-depth look at supervisor’s impact on the retention of their workforce.

Increased Engagement: Workers who feel appreciated and engaged in their work are more likely to work harder and produce better results. Supervisor Boot Camp helps to increase engagement both in leaders and in those they are leading.

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Our Supervisor Boot Camp training provides the practical tools, tips, and techniques necessary for your front line management to thrive in the day-to-day battle of front line leadership.


This training offers 16 credits


This training offers 16 credits

For multiple session training events, only the session start date will appear while registering. Check Upcoming Sessions for all session dates.

In Person Training

Virtual Training

In Person Training Program Details

This in person training takes place at the Express Employment Professionals training center in St. Joseph, Michigan. For the in-person training in Grand Rapids, MI, please click here.

Class sizes are limited to 20 participants so that interaction and learning are maximized. This training needs a minimum of 8 participants to take place.

Supervisor Boot Camp in person training includes:

  • 16 hours of training and activities
  • Training workbook, templates, and tools
  • Continental breakfast, boxed lunch, snacks, and drinks are provided

Format: Two 8-hour sessions delivered in person.

Location: Express Employment Professionals, 4066 Red Arrow Hwy, St Joseph, MI 49085

If you have any questions, need help registering, or would like to be invoiced for this event, please contact: Alec McGuire, Training & Event Coordinator at (616) 608-9684 or

2024 Sessions

  • April 16 – April 17 | Tuesday & Wednesday | 9:00am – 5:00pm EST

Customized Training

We offer customized training, both in person and virtual, for teams across the country. If you’d like a customized training on Supervisor Boot Camp for your team, contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Absolutely! Leaders of all levels and types can benefit from Supervisor Boot Camp, especially those working in a manufacturing organization. We often find that when more leadership levels participate it helps to create a “common language” across the organization for leaders and employees to use. If Supervisor Boot Camp doesn’t sound like the right fit for you or your team, take a look at Leadership Foundations or contact us to speak with one of our trainers.

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