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January 19, 2024

Episode 4

What is emotional intelligence?

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Join us Behind the Frontline, a podcast hosted by Frontline Training Solutions, where we facilitate in-depth discussions around timeless solutions for everyday workplace and workforce challenges. Behind the Frontline is hosted by Nic Dampier, Creative Director at Frontline Training Solutions, and he will be joined in the studio by thought leading experts ready to develop people, inspire growth, and unlock potential. In this episode we answer the question, “What is emotional intelligence?”

Emotional intelligence, in simple terms, is “What I think and do about the way I feel”. It’s about recognizing your feelings, understanding your thoughts, and assessing your potential reactions in different situations. According to a recent study, emotional intelligence accounts for 58% of job success. It’s also projected to be among the top ten skills to have in the evolving job market. Employees with strong emotional intelligence are believed to be better equipped for success, as they possess the capacity to address various workplace challenges that interfere with productivity or collaboration.

At Frontline Training Solutions, an Express Employment Professionals company, we create thriving organizations where everyone matters through training, consulting, coaching and real solutions to everyday challenges in the workplace.

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