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What Is Human Resources Training and Development?

Traditional HR training and development courses usually focus on the tactical aspects of human resources, such as HR policy, compliance, and employment law. Frontline’s HR training and development courses take a different approach. After extensive conversations with business leaders to find out what they are looking for out of their HR staff, we have designed programs that focus more on the strategic aspects of HR, rather than the tactical aspects. 

Many business leaders want their HR staff to take a more active role in creating an engaging workplace and helping their staff grow. Typically, however, only a small percentage of HR employees’ time is dedicated to these more “strategic” priorities.  . Most of their time is spent on the critical day-to-day management of the human resources function.

Our program focuses on the strategic components that are increasingly needed within human resources. This unique approach will equip staff of all experience levels to step into a more strategic space when needed. 

HR Training & Development for All Experience Levels

1. HR Development Training for Individual Contributors

Our Human Resources Professional training is perfect for individual contributor HR personnels. The course will help you understand your working style and how you can build credibility as an HR professional. You will also understand how HR fits within the operational cadence of your organization as well as how to navigate conflict between coworkers or between managers and their direct reports.

2. HR Manager Training & Development

Our Frontline Human Resources Manager course was created for personnel who lead teams of HR staff. You will explore the critical behaviors needed to lead a team as well as partner across functions in your organization. You will also focus on leveraging data and metrics to make decisions and learn tools for managing change.

3. HR Leadership Training & Development

Our top-level HR training and development course, Strategic Human Resources Leadership, is for people who oversee the HR function. You will understand the unique aspects of thinking and leading strategically and reflect on how the HR strategy you are responsible for supports overall organizational strategy. Special attention will be given to organizational culture and critical talent management processes such as succession planning. 

Benefits of HR Training & Development

Improve Employee Retention & Engagement

Approximately 52% of voluntarily exiting employees say their manager or organization could have done something to prevent them from leaving their job. However, approximately the same percentage of those surveyed said that in the three months before they left, no one from management or leadership talked with them about their job satisfaction or future in the organization. When the cost of replacing an employee is roughly 6–9 months of that employee’s salary, effective employee retention is a valuable asset to any organization.

Business leaders want their HR departments to be more active in employee engagement and retention. That’s why Frontline designed a program that looks at employee retention at a strategic level and will help HR staff develop steps to increase their organization’s retention rate—no matter the size of the organization.

Our Strategic Workforce Planning training specifically looks at ways to attract, develop, and retain high-quality employees. It is tailored to help you respond to the current labor shortage and match your people strategy with your organization’s strategy

Manage Workplace Conflict

Each week, employees in the United States spend an average of nearly three hours involved in conflict. Not only is that time unproductive, but it can also contribute to a negative overall work culture. Companies with a negative work culture experience a staff turnover rate of 48.4%, compared to just 13.9% at companies with a healthy work culture.

Frontline’s HR training courses offer high-level approaches to managing workplace conflict by improving an organization’s culture, communication, and employee engagement. We also offer team development trainings that can benefit staff across different departments.

Frontline’s Transforming Workplace Conflict course teaches how to take conflict from being a dread to an asset. Rather than focusing on a step-by-step process for conflict resolution, this program uses the Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict assessment to curb destructive behaviors to create a more productive workplace. This can improve overall workplace relationships and culture by increasing self-awareness and developing skills on how to respond to uncomfortable and unavoidable challenges regarding workplace conflict.

Our four-part Foundations of Emotional Intelligence training teaches participants to heighten their self-awareness and manage their emotions by analyzing the impact of reacting vs. responding. This course utilizes peer and group activities to teach participants the strategies of emotional intelligence, such as countering triggered reactions, to positively influence engagement, performance, and leadership.

These trainings will help staff create an environment where people look forward to coming into work every day.

Increase Success with Employee Promotions

While many employees are elevated to management roles because they are effective at their jobs, their previous roles may not have prepared them for how to effectively manage employees. Well-trained HR professionals can help newly promoted employees learn the responsibilities of their position and ensure they receive the training they need to succeed in their new role.

Frontline’s Masterful Interviewing and Onboarding training teaches managers how to ask productive interview questions, create a successful onboarding plan, and improve employee retention. It prepares HR professionals to help employees flourish in their positions.

Navigate Change

HR staff are often underutilized during times of change. When organizations implement new systems, enter new markets, or operate with new machinery, they often forget to take into account how they should prepare their staff. HR managers are vital to helping staff become adaptable and resilient, while teaching them universal skills to effectively navigate change and ensure they can be productive in any environment. 

Our Leading Change course is specifically designed to teach participants those skill sets, in addition to lessons on creating a change plan and how to build a business case for your change.

Strategize for Maximum Impact

Human resources leaders who report directly to the CEO or CFO are in a unique position to build internal HR strategies that in turn further the business strategy of the organization. 

Participants in our Strategic Human Resources Leadership program will learn how to use specific analysis models to identify critical areas of focus, include strategic workforce planning considerations, and build an effective plan that utilizes HR data analytics to drive strategic decisions.

Remain in Compliance with Laws & Regulations

Basic functions such as health and safety, labor law compliance, job evaluation, and compensation and benefits will always be core HR duties. Frontline’s training program will reinforce those skills and build on them with the strategic approach businesses need.

Frontline HR Training and Development Courses

In Frontline’s HR Training and Development Courses, participants will learn the strategic skills that businesses are looking for out of their HR staff. You will learn from seasoned HR professionals the skills for addressing the current talent crisis, improving employee retention, supporting the full life-cycle of an employee, and recharging and growing in your own development.

HR Consulting

For organizations who are looking for additional outside perspective and help, Frontline also offers HR consulting. Our consultants have the expertise to help businesses with foundational support, organizational development, and talent acquisition, development, and management.

Experience the Benefits of HR Development & Training

Our HR training and development staff have years of experience and a passion for sharing their knowledge with others. We’d love to help you in your own growth as an HR professional through our in-person or virtual training sessions.

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