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July 11, 2024

Episode 20

BelongBoarding: Onboarding with the goal of Belonging

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Join us Behind the Frontline, a podcast hosted by Frontline Training Solutions’ Creative Director, Nic Dampier, and Managing Director, Nathan Leaman, where we facilitate in-depth discussions around timeless solutions for everyday workplace and workforce challenges.

In this episode we are joined by Kristin Ekkens, Founder & CEO of Exponential Inclusion, and we have a fascinating conversation on the importance of onboarding with the goal of fostering belonging for a new hire to reduce turnover… otherwise known as a term we coined, “BelongBoarding.”

Kristin’s website is and her recently launched podcast Inclusion at Scale can be found at

At Frontline Training Solutions, an Express Employment Professionals company, we create thriving organizations where everyone matters through training, consulting, coaching and real solutions to everyday challenges in the workplace. Contact us today to learn about what solutions we have available to increase belonging within your onboarding process!