The Business Case for Utilizing the Working Genius Assessment: Elevating Team Performance with Frontline Training Solutions

Written by Ryan Williams

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In today’s competitive business landscape, understanding team dynamics and leveraging individual strengths is more critical than ever. One tool that has been gaining traction for its effectiveness in this area is the Working Genius assessment. This innovative assessment helps individuals and teams identify their natural gifts and areas of enjoyment in the workplace, leading to enhanced productivity, job satisfaction, and overall organizational success. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the Working Genius assessment, the business case for incorporating it into your organizational strategy, and how Frontline Training Solutions can assist your team in maximizing their potential.

Understanding the Working Genius Assessment

The Working Genius assessment, developed by Patrick Lencioni and his team at The Table Group, is designed to help individuals discover their unique working geniuses, competencies, and frustrations. The assessment categorizes these into six types:

  1. Wonder (W) – The ability to ponder and question the status quo.
  2. Discernment (D) – The ability to evaluate and make good judgments.
  3. Galvanizing (G) – The ability to inspire and rally others to take action.
  4. Enablement (E) – The ability to support and assist others in their efforts.
  5. Tenacity (T) – The ability to push projects to completion.
  6. Invention (I) – The ability to create and innovate new ideas.

By identifying where each team member’s strengths lie, the Working Genius assessment helps in assigning tasks that align with their natural abilities, leading to greater efficiency and job satisfaction.

The true magic of the Working Genius assessment and team experience is the understanding each person gains of their preferences and strengths and how they can connect it to how work gets done. Work always involves three stages: (1) ideation, (2) activation and (3) implementation. By taking the assessment and discussing as a team individuals will have greater clarity on how they can contribute to the success of their team utilizing their Working Genius and applying it at the right time in the process.

If you have ever been in a meeting and experienced the frustration of what we call “turbulence” then you will find this really helpful.

Turbulence is when someone wants to take an idea, project, or solution you are currently in the ideation stage and start picking it apart too soon causing the best ideas to be stifled. Or when team members try to Galvanize the team around an idea that is not fully formed and thought through causing confusion. Or perhaps someone is frustrated because they don’t see how the details fit together because they want to jump into implementation with their Genius of Tenacity. Or when the team is ready to implement the idea or solution and someone wants to Wonder “what else we could do” when that time has passed.

Think of turbulence as jumping from the 30,000 foot view, to the 5,000 foot view, then back up to 10,000 feet, and back again. This causes confusing meetings and ineffective work. This assessment and process helps individuals and teams understand where their preferences are in this process and when they need to set those aside to move forward effectively.

The Business Case for the Working Genius Assessment

  1. Enhanced Team Performance

Teams that understand each member’s working geniuses can better distribute tasks, ensuring that everyone is working in areas where they naturally excel. This leads to increased productivity and higher quality work. For example, someone with a genius in Invention will thrive in brainstorming sessions, while someone with a Tenacity genius will ensure that projects are completed on time.

  1. Improved Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

When employees are allowed to work in areas that align with their natural strengths, they are more likely to enjoy their work. This increased job satisfaction leads to higher engagement levels, reduced turnover, and a more positive workplace culture. Happy employees are also more likely to be productive and contribute to the company’s success.

  1. Better Meetings and Decision Making

The Working Genius assessment helps in forming balanced teams with a diverse set of strengths. This diversity ensures that all aspects of decision-making are covered, from ideation to execution. Teams with members who excel in Wonder and Discernment will generate and evaluate ideas effectively, while those with strengths in Enablement and Tenacity will ensure these ideas are implemented successfully.

  1. Streamlined Communication

Understanding the working geniuses of team members can significantly improve communication within the team. Team members will have a better understanding of how to approach and collaborate with one another, reducing misunderstandings and conflicts. For example, knowing that a colleague has a genius in Galvanizing can help you understand their need to inspire and mobilize the team, while someone with a genius in Enablement may prefer to offer support and assistance quietly.

  1. Increased Innovation and Creativity

Teams that leverage the Working Genius assessment are better positioned to innovate and adapt. By understanding and utilizing the diverse strengths within the team, organizations can foster a culture of creativity and continuous improvement. Individuals with a genius in Invention will drive innovation, while those with Discernment will ensure that new ideas are practical and viable.

How Frontline Training Solutions Can Help

At Frontline Training Solutions, we understand the transformative power of the Working Genius assessment and are dedicated to helping organizations unlock their full potential. Here’s how we can support your team:

  1. Workshops and Training Sessions

We offer tailored workshops and training sessions designed to help your team understand and apply the insights gained from the Working Genius assessment. Our experienced facilitators will guide your team through the process, ensuring that everyone understands their working geniuses and how to leverage them effectively.

  1. Leadership Development

Effective leadership is crucial for maximizing the benefits of the Working Genius assessment. We offer leadership development programs that help managers and team leaders understand how to utilize their team’s strengths, make better decisions, and inspire their teams to achieve their best.

  1. Individual Coaching

We offer individual coaching utilizing the Working Genius profile where individuals can identify their own Genius and explore ways to find more satisfaction in their work, understand their own preference in the work process, and create strategies to be more effective co-worker or leader.

  1. Ongoing Support and Consultation

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with a single workshop or training session. We provide ongoing support and consultation to ensure that your team continues to benefit from the insights gained through the Working Genius assessment. Our experts are always available to offer guidance and help you address any challenges that may arise.

The Working Genius assessment is a powerful tool for enhancing team performance, improving employee engagement, and fostering innovation. By understanding and leveraging the unique strengths of each team member, organizations can create a more productive, satisfied, and dynamic workforce.

At Frontline Training Solutions, we are committed to helping your team unlock their full potential. Our customized workshops, team-building programs, and ongoing support ensure that your organization can fully benefit from the insights provided by the Working Genius assessment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your team find more enjoyment in their work and make more effective decisions and actions.

Together, we can build a stronger, more cohesive, and more successful team. Contact us today and let Frontline Training Solutions be your partner in achieving excellence through the power of the Working Genius assessment.

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Ryan Williams

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