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Make the Most of Every Operating Minute

Watch this free webinar as we look into the benefits of thinking LEAN. Presented by John Keuning, Director of Training Manufacturing at Frontline Training Solutions, an Express Employment Professionals company.

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What You'll Learn

Lean manufacturing has long been associated with waste reduction, continuous improvements to processes, and capacity gains in the world of manufacturing. It is, in fact, all those things and more.

Now, as we continue the conversations of the Vanishing Workforce and explore ways to combat the problems caused by too few workers, let’s look at Lean from an efficiency gain point of view. Can the principles and ideas found in Lean manufacturing translate into better retention and the need for fewer workers? Can your workforce actually reduce the work effort and increase output?

The language doesn’t have to be “how we do more with less,” but rather “how do we make the most of every operating minute?”

No matter the business you are in, performing work in the most efficient ways possible is going to be a key element in the retention battle. Not only should we explore ways to be more efficient for efficiency’s sake, but worker satisfaction also grows when the job becomes more productive with less effort.


John Keuning

John Keuning

As Director of Manufacturing Training, John Keuning has a passion to put his 30 years of manufacturing and leadership experience to work for companies by providing both classroom training, virtual training, and on-site consulting. His goal is to help develop better leaders, engage workers, lower cost of goods, and increase profits for companies by arming teams with the tools necessary to be great agents of change. John’s favorite place to be is on the plant floor working side-by-side with teams and leaders to find solutions to manufacturing questions. He has extensive experience in Lean manufacturing theory and implementation as well as helping new and advancing leaders understand the day-to-day work of being a leader. John has served multiple industries as a supervisor, Lean leader, product launch leader, production manager, plant manager, and director of manufacturing.