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The Inclusive Leader: The key leadership behaviors to develop cultural competence.

Join us to learn how to cultivate a healthy and productive work environment as an inclusive leader.

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What You'll Learn

Being an inclusive leader is of utmost importance in creating a healthy and productive work environment. Inclusive leaders value diversity and encourage the participation of all team members, regardless of their background, beliefs, or characteristics. They foster a sense of belonging and make sure that every voice is heard, and every perspective is considered. Inclusive leaders are empathetic and take the time to understand the unique experiences and challenges faced by each team member. They promote collaboration and communication and strive to create a culture that celebrates differences and promotes equality. By developing the behaviors to being culturally competent, leaders can inspire their teams to reach their full potential to drive innovation and growth, and help their organizations become and stay Employers of Choice.


Skot Welch

Skot serves as the resident DEIB expert at Frontline Training Solutions, and is the Principal/Founder of Global Bridgebuilders (GBB), a firm focusing on Organizational Development, Cultural Transformation and Inclusion. GBB bases its work in the core belief that inclusion is a business discipline and that it should be leveraged across all that the enterprise does. Currently, GBB serves a wide range of clients in the U.S. and in 7 other countries. He has worked in International business and Diversity/Inclusion Management for over 20 years and has developed an in-depth knowledge of diversity, inclusion and workforce development that brings together and maximizes the perfect blend of people and process. Prior to the launch of GBB, Skot served as Vice President of Business Development and Benchmarking Services for DiversityInc magazine in New Jersey, where he worked with many of the Fortune 500’s biggest global brands across a broad range of industries.