Building and Growing Powerful Teams

Team Development

Teams are the heartbeat of organizations in the modern workplace. Ensure your teams have what they need to drive success.

The Problem

Teams are made up of individuals.  And individuals do not all think, act, or make decision alike. That is both a good thing and a challenging thing. Team members need to understand their preferences and the preferences of their teammates in order to function in an optimal way. Once individual team members solve this puzzle, the teams they are on will become nearly unstoppable.

What Makes a “Team” a Team?

A team is a group of individuals who are united in purpose toward a common goal. Some teams are temporary and support short-term initiatives. While other teams are formed to provide the foundation for operational and strategic success. No matter what caused a team to be formed, all teams need to find ways to bring diverse abilities and perspective together to accomplish something beyond the reach of the individual members.

How We Can Help

Becoming an effective team starts before the team is even formed. Defining the purpose of the team, choosing the right people for the team, and communicating about the team are all important preliminary steps to forming an effective team. However, sometimes those steps get missed and you are forced to play catch-up. Whether you have the opportunity to think strategically about how a team is formed or you are helping formed team build a stronger bond, there are many ways we can help.

 Forming Team Foundation

An effective team is one built on trust. And trust is not automatic. It takes effort and is earned over time. Our team-focused training and tools will help ensure your new team gets started off well. If you are working with an established team, these tools can also help provide a refresher on how to build and sustain trusting relationships.

Developing Awareness

A powerful way to help ensure team success is to develop the self-awareness of each individual team member. This will ensure they understand what is important to them and how they can contribute their unique skills and abilities. We have multiple assessment tools that can help you with this step and also provide the foundation needed to understand others’ preferences as well.

Increasing Team Communication

One of the most important tools any team has is the ability to communicate well. When communication is working, the team is working. When communication breaks down, the team breaks down. Our team-focused training experiences will help increase your team’s ability to communicate, listen, and understand each other.

Facilitating Innovation & Problem Solving

When challenges need addressed through innovative problem-solving, time is usually in short supply. The difference between teams who can manage this challenge well and those that struggle is training and tools focused on creativity and innovation. Our Decision-Making and Innovation training course will help you and your teams find the right balance and our team-focused trainings will help identify natural team strengths for this type of work.


Sometimes what your team needs more than anything is the opportunity unplug and connect to build relationships. This can provide a strong foundation for effective teamwork in the future. Our team-focused experiences will give you the opportunity to “step away” from the day-to-day so you can fast-track deeper relationships. This can be especially important for newly formed teams, but existing teams can also benefit.

Rise to the Challenge with Frontline Training Solutions

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Human Resources Consulting

Our HR consulting services include a variety of solutions designed to support your team, improve hiring and onboarding, and increase employee engagement.


Team Solutions

A key indicator of successful organizations is directly connected to how healthy the team is and how well they work together. Bring the team together with our seasoned facilitator and...



Our coaching services range from professional development coaching, leadership development, executive coaching, HR leader coaching, and team coaching.



The Human Resources Professional

Format: These 4-hour sessions take place virtually or in person over 3 weeks.

Take your human resources knowledge to the next level, exploring topics like: workplace engagement, navigating conflict, and connecting HR to business results.


The Frontline Human Resources Manager

Format: These 4-hour sessions take place virtually or in person over 4 weeks.

Become the HR manager your organization needs by exploring topics like: HR data and metrics, change management, HR maturity models, and more.


Strategic Human Resources Leadership

Format: These 4-hour sessions take place virtually or in person over 5 weeks.

Learn how to become a strategic HR leader to help move your company forward, exploring topics like: organizational culture, talent management, and more.


Strategic Workforce Planning

Format: This training is fully customizable for your intact team.

This hands-on training program will provide the resources for participants to create a strategic workforce plan that addresses the current talent crisis and long-term labor shortage.


Leadership Foundations

Format: This training is delivered in 3-hour sessions virtually for six weeks or in 4-hour sessions delivered in person over five weeks.

This training is focused on the foundational building blocks of leadership.


Supervisor Boot Camp

Format: This 16-hour training takes place over four 4-hour sessions virtually or over two back to back full days in person.

Our Supervisor Boot Camp training provides the practical tools, tips, and techniques necessary for your frontline management to thrive in the day-to-day battle of frontline leadership.


Developing Coaching Leaders

Format: These three 8 hour sessions take place in person over 3 months.

This 3-day training will help leaders see the difference between managing others and being a coaching leader.


Leadership Alignment for Operational Excellence

Format: This training is fully customizable for each company's unique challenges.

Bring all levels of leadership into alignment while each person learns about critical skills and leadership traits.

Experienced Problem-Solving for Your Industry


Manufacturing floors are often made up of individual teams who own separate parts of the manufacturing process. Our experienced consultants can help ensure each of these teams functions at an optimal level and can even facilitate team-driven continuous improvement initiatives.
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In the non-profit world, teams can be exceptionally important. With employees wearing multiple hats and being responsible for very different areas of the organization, it is imperative to be able to pull people together for the common good. Let us help you navigate this unique challenge and help you form a lasting, and effective, team of go-getters.
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Retail & Hospitality

Teamwork is the name of the game in your industry. When your team is firing on all cylinders, nothing can stop you. When disruption occurs, it can be nearly catastrophic. Your best bet is to work proactively to create a bond and understanding between team members so that you can face all of your challenges as a united front.
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Professional Services

It can be tempting to neglect teamwork when your organization is made up of strong technical experts. However, as your clients interact with the various parts of your organization, you will want them to experience a united front working toward common goals and solutions. We can help you build that kind of experience for both your clients and employees.
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Team Development - Free Webinar Recording

While team development can often be perceived as a nice “add-on”, the case will be made in this webinar, that team development is a critical and non-negotiable factor in the engagement and retention of your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While every team is different, effective teams have many things in common. Effective teams have a clearly defined purpose and clearly defined rules of engagement. Team members communicate openly and work through disagreements in a constructive way. Everyone contributes and everyone regularly flexes their preferences. Effective teams also require effective leadership.